OTL Seat Filler Free Ticket Club gifts are unique and thoughtful

A Unique Gift Idea - OTL Seat Filler (aka Free Tickets) Club Membership

Gift-giving is a year-round project. We go from Christmas to Valentine's Day. You can't forget about Mother's Day or Father's Day. We could go through a closet full of gifts. It seems like every few weeks, it's a family member or friend's birthday. Then, you've got anniversaries, job promotions, engagement announcements, or "just because" occasions.
unique gift idea, seat filler giftsWe could take the easy way out and grab a last-minute gift card. Sometimes, they're the perfect gift, as everyone (well, nearly everyone) loves to ship.
But instead of a regular gift card, how about a gift that you can have in hand within five minutes but it's unique, fun, and demonstrates thoughtfulness.

Two and Four-Seat Membership Gifts

OTL Seat Filler (aka Free Ticket Club) gifts are the answer to gift boredom. When you give the gift of OTL, your recipient is getting two free tickets to any or all shows that pop up for OTL members. There's even a four-seat option as well.
When you gift the unique gift of OTL membership, your gift could be valued at 10, 20, even 50 times as much as you pay for it. It depends on how many shows or events come up and which ones your loved one, co-worker, etc. decides to attend. The gift is all-inclusive. If a show is posted, members can reserve comp tickets.

Unique Gift of Theatre, Comedy, and More

With the creative gift of On the List Seat Filling, you're giving away theatre, comedy, and maybe even some music or other events and activities. Members make reservations in the member area and then pick up the tickets at the Box Office.
OTL Gifts are issued by GiftUpApp. You can have the certificate emailed to you OR your recipient. It's an ideal last-minute gift, as no one will know it, but you'll have it in hand in minutes.

Find Out More About OTL

If you don't know much about OTL, visit our informational post that includes locations and benefits of being a club member.

Time To Shop!

Scroll down and review the various memberships and gift offerings. Send the email to you so you can print it out or send it yourself. Or, you can have it emailed directly to your designated gift recipient. Regardless of the method that you select, they're sure to love it!

OTL Seat Filler (Free Ticket Club) Gift Memberships

* Instantly Issued

* All Inclusive

* Two or Four Seat Memberships Available (members can bring guests)

* Redeemable at any of our OTL Seat Filler cities:
Boston/New England
Miami-Ft Lauderdale
San Francisco
St. Louis
Tampa Bay
(London sold separately)

*Special Memberships are for Gift Recipients that are Seniors (60+), Military, Police, Fire, Rescue, Teachers or Students (18+)