Month: November 2019

Gift Guide – Teen Boys Fashion

To compile the absolute best gift guide for teen boys, I went to the source, my 16-year-old nephew. He’s put together a list of fashion-types of items that include a sweatshirt for a cause, a few kicks, and even a combination of sunglasses and speakers. If your teen is picky about what he wears, then we’ve got you covered

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Best 2019 Christmas Gifts for Her

We’re using the title “Best 2019 Christmas Gifts for Her.”  But our gift guide offers plenty of suggestions for birthdays, Hanukkah, or just because. So, we hope that these suggestions will at least give you a good running start. Even if you’re not jazzed about the exact items, maybe they’ll spark some other ideas. If you do like one or more, though, we’ve got handy links included. So, you can cross an item off of your list in a less than a minute. No need to “shop til you drop!”

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The Gift of “Things to Do”

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