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Are you interested in being an OTL Community Seat Filler?

We're getting ready to re-launch in the summer of 2020 as soon as our established partners, as well as new ones, are ready to go as well.

So, if you're interested in joining as a new OTL Seat Fillers member, add your email to our private list.

We'll send you an update as soon as we have some new opportunities posted in the member area and reopen registration.

OTL will be back in the swing of things soon!


As a Seat Fillers membership club, things have been quiet in the world of OTL during the Coronavirus lockdown. Our amazing and talented partners have been on hiatus, as we've stayed home and stayed safe to benefit others, as much as ourselves.

During this time, we've been evolving the concept of OTL for our new world. We've come up with two major changes.

  1. OTL will now expand its partnerships. In addition to traditional ticketed opportunities, like theatre, music, and comedy, the club is open to all kinds of opportunities for members. That includes services like massages, nails, hair, chiropractic, etc., as well as other opportunities like fitness classes, gym memberships, bowling, museums, and more. Pretty much anything goes, and we'll keep evolving.
  2. OTL has divided its memberships into three categories to accommodate more people who want to join in on the fun, as partners and members.
preferred seat fillers, otl seat fillers

Preferred Cities

Locations with seven+ years of established partnerships

Includes Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Orlando, San Francisco, Seattle, South Florida, and Tampa Bay

Seat Fillers On Call, seat fillers in the US

Seat Fillers On-Call

All other U.S. Cities not included in the preferred locations

On-Call memberships give everyone the opportunity to be a part of OTL. While there won't be regular shows and events in every location, OTL will no longer have to turn down any opportunity that arises. We've been offered tickets to events in Canada, Europe, Los Angeles, and many locations that previously didn't have Seat Fillers ready and waiting. With Seat Fillers On-Call, OTL's family and friend team will know which cities to pursue based on member locations.

Note: On-Call locations may be elevated to preferred status. But OTL will give On-Call members three months' notice.

London seat fillers, seat fillers in London

London Seat Fillers

London, England - with occasional opportunities elsewhere in the UK

OTL has partnered with quite a few "non-West End" theatres, as well as other venues and businesses throughout London. However, London membership dues are reduced, as the city is so spread out that members will only have a few opportunities here and there in their own neighborhoods.