5 Amazing Seat Filler Benefits

Oct 28, 2017

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by OTL Guest Blogger

Tired of asking..
“What should we do this weekend?
Can we go somewhere?
What do you want to do tonight?”
Annoyed by hearing..
“I’m bored. There’s nothing to do. I want to get out of the house.”
Fill up your nights by filling up seats! OTL Seat Fillers is a great opportunity for you and your friends and family to get out and have fun.

1. Take A Break From Technology


Too many people spend their free time staring at their phones, computers, or at a television screen. As a member of OTL Seat Fillers you can break the technology habit without breaking the bank.
With a connection through OTL Seat Fillers you and a guest can get out of the house and see a variety of live shows in several locations in the United States and London. Not only are there multiple opportunities, but OTL Seat Fillers’ can connect you with live music, theatre, comedy, and more!

2. Something To Get Excited About!!


Nobody ever talks about the great night that they had at home binge watching reruns in their pajamas.
This membership not only offers you several entertaining nights a month, but is also full of events worth looking forward to and talking about, in addition to being a great way to spend your evenings or weekends,

3. Support Local Businesses

in the Arts & Entertainment Community


OTL Seat Fillers is a chance for you to support local arts and entertainment by advertising local shows as well.
You can broaden your horizons and spot rising talent while encouraging arts communities to thrive and gain exposure.

Not only are you supporting communities, but you’ll be getting to know your own community and others the more you explore and visit the different venues that participate in OTL Seat Filler’s service.

4. Location, Location, Location


OTL Seat Fillers also has strategic locations which allow you to catch performances wherever you are.
Whether you are travelling and are looking for something to do during your getaway or business trip, or you are looking for something to do closer to home, there are so many opportunities at over 550 different OTL show partner locations.

5. We Do All The Work


OTL Seat Fillers works by finding out when performances have empty and unsold seats that they want to fill up before the last minute. OTL Seat Fillers offers those empty seats to their members continuously and they are complementary!
Take a break from the mundane and monotonous nights in and the same old evenings out to the same venues and get out into your community and experience new communities with OTL Seat Fillers. You will never be left looking for entertainment and will receive invitations to at least two shows every month.
Sign up today, and join the nearly 6,000 other members who are forgetting their televisions and getting out into the real and wonderful world of live entertainment!

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