Stretch the Imagination Things to Do

Nov 26, 2018

We all get into our routines. We eat at the same restaurants, spend the weekend streaming videos or occasionally heading out to a movie. We shop in the same stores and default to Amazon gift cards when we can't think of something new and creative to buy.
A new year is coming and maybe it's time to shake things up a bit. You don't have to break the bank to expand your social activities or try a new dessert treat.
Tampa Bay is full of opportunities to venture out of your comfort zone. There's the Saturday morning market in St. Pete, an alpaca farm that's open to the public, or hip-hop yoga. If you fancy a little snack, how about ice cream in a doughnut cone?
Open your google calendar and pick from 20 unique and inexpensive ideas for new things to do in the Tampa Bay area.

20 Unusual But Super Fun Things To Do In Tampa For Cheap20 Unusual But Super Fun Things To Do In Tampa For Cheap

Bored of the ordinary? No need to worry because we've found the weirdest and most unusual activities and attractions available right here in the Tampa area!
You won't have to break the bank, either! Each of the experiences listed here is on the cheap end, and some are completely free!
Whether you want to merely dip your toes into the unusual or go full-throttle weird, we've compiled a range of oddities for every taste and scale! Ready, set, get crazy!

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