Austin’s Earth Day is a Week Early

Apr 8, 2019

While the rest of the United States, as well as 192 other countries around the globe,  are making preparations for the April 22nd annual Earth Day, Austin is getting a jump on things.

April 13, 2019

Central Texas's biggest sustainability event is scheduled for April 13th, 2019. There are a number of events and volunteer opportunities revolving around Earth Day ATX.
The following are just a few of the planned activities taking place throughout the Lone Star State's capital. With Earth Day ATX combined with traditional April 22nd Earth Day festivities, eco-friendliness, sustainability, recycling, and clean energy should dominate the news cycle. Kids, teens, seniors, singletons or family groups will have plenty of volunteer options and activities in which to participate.
Our Austin Community Events Calendar is updated daily with new events, including Earth Day and Earth Day Texas-style.
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Earth Day's mission is to amplify the community’s environmental efforts through public engagement. We provide a venue and a platform for businesses, advocacy groups, nonprofits, government organizations, and community leaders to connect with the public in the interest of sustainability, innovation, and environmental justice.
While our flagship program is the Earth Day ATX festival, our greater purpose is to facilitate coordination among community stakeholders to develop and implement scalable, systemic, community-driven solutions. We serve a future in which Austin leads the way in systemic transformation toward a sustainable society for all people. We are a 501C3!

Earth Day ATX

Earth Day ATX is the largest sustainability event in Central Texas. On April 13th, 2019, thousands from the Austin Area and beyond will come to learn about conservation and sustainable solutions, celebrate our love for the environment, and get connected to the best and most innovative green businesses and organizations.
With family and friends, festival attendees explore rich, in-depth programming, exciting new activities and engaging exhibitions that allow them to discover new connections to the environment and environmental issues. Inspired by their experiences and interactions, participants are empowered to make new sustainable choices that enhance their lives while helping the entire planet.


Keep Austin Beautiful Day

Keep Austin Beautiful Day 2019

We have 100+ sites to choose from for Keep Austin Beautiful Day! Grab your spot today.
Each April, Keep Austin Beautiful hosts Keep Austin Beautiful Day, a county-wide day of service spanning 100+ sites in 31 zip codes in the greater Austin area.

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Global Earth Day 2019

It may not be one of the top four days of celebration each year, but Earth Day has been on the calendar since 1970.

Clean Air Act

Earth Day's introduction focused on the Clean Air Act. But it was also prompted by protests of pesticides, the loss of wilderness and wildlife, and oil spills. It's probably not a coincidence that Joni Mitchell's Big Yellow Taxi was a big hit in Canada, Australia, and Britain.

Global Advocacy

While Earth Day was initially a US initiative, by 1990 it went global with 141 countries participating in various activities.
Just as the concept was circling the globe, it also evolved to focus on what supporters wanted from a cleaner earth, rather than fighting against the unwanted. Recycling was one of the prominent programs.
Another decade later, and the internet boosted participation. Activists had an instant platform to expand Earth Day's presence and to share ideas and innovations.

Green New Deal

In recent years, global warming and clean energy moved to the top of the list. This upcoming April 22nd Earth Day may have an even bigger spotlight shining on it. Some United States' politicians have been very vocal about a "Green New Deal."
The Green New Deal is closely associated with New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC). However, there is a much larger contingency of Democrats that support stimulus programs to advance the US into an economically stable economy revolving around social and ecological reforms.
Earth Day has traditionally focused on a healthy, sustainable environment. The Green New Deal focuses on renewable energy, a green economy, carbon neutrality, and green job creation. All initiatives have the underlying goal of reversing the effects of climate change.

April 13 and 22, 2019

Whether you've participated in Earth Day activities for years or the Green New Deal and current environmental conditions have piqued your interest, keep April 13th or 22nd open. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities and celebrations going on across the country, and around the world. Austin's big day is the 13th, so Austinites get a head start.
You certainly don't have to limit your involvement to those April dates either. We look forward to sharing volunteer opportunities and eco-friendly news and events throughout the year.
For other Austin Earth Day and other community events, you can also check out our Austin Events Calendar powered by Evvnt.

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