25 Different Spots for the Best Fast Food Breakfasts

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Best Fast Food Breakfast Across the US (and one in London, too)!! Is there anything better than the humble hashbrown at some of the best fast food restaurants? It’s glittering and golden from the fryer. Or, how about a fluffy pillow of eggs draped in melty cheddar? Breakfast isn’t about elegance, like its snooty cousins … Read more

Best Buys on Amazon on Tap 365 Days a Year

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What are the Best Buys on Amazon?  How could you possibly narrow the list to the absolute best buys on Amazon? There are so many, and they’re all over the place. You’ve got food deals, bestselling books, clothing, electronics, and some hidden gems that you probably didn’t know you could use until you saw them. … Read more

Need Some Suggestions for Golfing in Austin Texas?

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The Best Golfing in Austin Throughout the City When it comes to the best shows, events, and activities across the US and London, OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers has you covered. But, the best golfing in Austin Texas is a different story. So, we consulted Steve, a golf enthusiast, to share his views on … Read more

Are You Looking for the Best Campgrounds in South Florida?

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Campgrounds in South Florida There are not too many places in the United States where camping and going to the beach can be a year-round endeavor. But, if you’re looking for the best campgrounds in South Florida, you get the best of both worlds. Whether you’re anxious to hook up your RV, sleep in your … Read more

Where to Find the Best Wine Tastings in Seattle

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Five Can’t-Miss Wine Tastings in Seattle If you’re like us, you don’t feel like you’ve truly experienced a new place until you’ve sampled its unique eats and signature drinks. And while there are lots of options to tickle your tastebuds in Seattle, WA, today we’re talking about wine. It’s hard to believe, but within the … Read more

Need a List of Outdoor Restaurants in Austin?

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Outdoor Restaurants in Austin Are (Almost) Year-Round Austinites always find a reason to spend their time outdoors. Whether for music festivals or food fiestas, this city doesn’t need a roof over its head. Things are heating up in 2021 with even more outdoor gatherings and patio dining out of safety and convenience – not that … Read more

Do You Know How Much Wine is in a Bottle?

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How Much Wine is in a Bottle? The Wine FAQ You’ve Always Needed Whether you’re a beginner in the world of wine or consider yourself a connoisseur, there is no shame in asking some of those questions that keep you staring at the menu or wine aisle with a hint of panic behind your eyes. … Read more

Time Traveling is Possible at Starlight Drive-In in Atlanta

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Time Travel to the Starlight Drive-In in Atlanta In the era of the COVID pandemic, many indoor theaters (both large and small) across the US have temporarily (or even permanently closed). This heartbreaking loss of film culture is unfortunate. Still, one positive side effect is the dramatically renewed interest in drive-in theaters because it allows … Read more

Outdoor Dining Atlanta Style – Day or Night

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Outdoor Dining Atlanta Style – THE List is Here By Lu, OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers I don’t know about you, but I’ve always loved restaurants with outdoor patios. Good food, delicious cocktails, and bright sunshine are triple-threat, in my book. So, I consulted with a few people to hit the highlights of outdoor … Read more

Looking for Someplace New for Sunday Brunch in Chicago?

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Shake it Up with Something New for the Best Brunch in Chicago Chicago might be known for its deep dish. But the city has its own unique take on food in general. So, it shouldn’t surprise you that our top five picks for the best Sunday brunch in Chicago serve tasty treats like French Toast … Read more

Who’s Looking for the Best Sushi in Tampa?

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Are You Finding the Best Sushi in Tampa or Settling for Just OK? We’re here to stop you from the same old, same old, as we’re excited to share five (no, six!) of the best Tampa sushi spots. Some of these choices go beyond the ultimate Sushi experience, providing Japanese, Chinese, and fusion cuisine menus. … Read more

Can We Lead You to the Best Sushi in Austin?

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Can you get fresh sushi in Austin? Hell, yeah! The Best Sushi in Austin is Going to Blow You Away! Sushi is undoubtedly the most loved Japanese dish worldwide. It’s impressive how vinegared rice wrapped around seafood or vegetables can turn into a taste sensation! If you’re on the hunt for tasty sushi in Austin, … Read more

Why You’ll Go Bananas for PicMonkey!

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Why You Might Go Wild for PicMonkey! By Lu – OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers I love sharing the best products and services with family and friends. While I typically gravitate to the latest in hair, makeup, and skincare, it’s equally as exciting to discover an app or program that makes life easier. That’s … Read more