Jack and Honey’s Diner

Nov 17, 2018

Mmmm... breakfast!
Our little family at OTL Seat Fillers could eat breakfast three times a day. So, when we come across new restaurants featuring our favorite dining option, we love to share the news.
The owners of the Hammered Lamb, which is a lively neighborhood pub with an outdoor patio, will be opening Jack and Honey's restaurant right next door at 1235 North Orange. Honey's will focus on all day breakfasts and comfort food items. Its location makes it ideal as you can grab breakfast and then head over to the Hammered Lamb and listen to music or play a few games of ping pong.

New diner coming to Ivanhoe Village from Hammered Lamb owners

New diner coming to Ivanhoe Village from Hammered Lamb owners

The owners of the Hammered Lamb are taking over a space next door in Ivanhoe Village with plans to open a new 24-hour diner.
The new restaurant will be called Jack and Honey’s, named after Lambert’s grandparents who were diner owners.
Lambert said he was inspired by the former Brian’s Restaurant in Ivanhoe Village, which served diner food at nearby 1409 N. Orange Ave. until it closed in 2014. Since then a handful of concepts have failed at the space.

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