Introducing City Guides for Locals

Mar 4, 2019

We’re just getting started with a new go-to resource for residents - and not tourists!

It can be frustrating to search for discounts and things to do in your hometown only to find information that's much more helpful to visitors. Well, we're excited to introduce these guides, as they will feature things to do, event calendars, dining information, sports, discounts, deals and more… specifically geared toward locals.

Our little family and friend team behind OTL (On the List) Seat Filler Membership Clubs are excited to release city guides that coincide with each of our locations.
The city guides are just launching and we’ve already had thousands of people checking in to see what’s new, get a few restaurant recommendations, and check out the event calendars provided by Evvnt.
Bear with us as we continue to add content, as this is just the beginning. But, we’re looking forward to being a quality resource for locals.

Who, what or where are OTL Seat Fillers?

OTL Seat Fillers also provide City Guides for locals

The City Guides are provided by OTL Seat Fillers. Our little membership clubs are in 15 cities in the US and in London.
OTL seat filler members support community events by filling seats for plays, musicals, comedy shows, music, festivals, lectures, movie screenings, classes, expos, and more. All that costs just 10.00 in dues per month. As a bonus, members reserve free seat filler tickets for themselves and their guest(s). After all, it's more fun to see a show with friends or family members.

Why City Guides?

New City Guides provide information for locals in their hometown

Our City Guides will help us to introduce our OTL clubs to people who have never heard about them but would love the opportunity to claim free show tickets. When is the last time you thought to Google “seat fillers” in your hometown? It's not a big search term, but we hope one day that it will be as it's a lot of fun and there are plenty of benefits to being a seat filler!
In addition, though, these city guides will allow us to showcase all of the amazing things we find in each city during our search for new seat filler opportunities. We’re shining a spotlight on the arts and entertainment communities. But, we're also going well beyond the confines of the theatre with restaurants, museums, non-profit organizations, sports teams, as well as many more things to do and organizations who have valuable things to share.
As our OTL Seat Filler Clubs are for locals only, the City Guides are also geared toward residents instead of tourists.
We’re just getting started so our content is limited. But, we’re adding new articles, listings, discounts, and recommendations daily. So, we hope you’ll bookmark us and visit often.

City Guide Locations

OTL seat filler club and city guide locations including 15 US cities and London

As we are launching City Guides in conjunction with our OTL (On the List) club sites, we currently have 16 guides: Atlanta, Austin, Boston/New England, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, London, Miami/Fort Lauderdale (South Florida), Nashville, Orlando, Portland, Raleigh-Durham, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, and Tampa Bay.
Our next club is opening in Jacksonville, Florida, so our next City Guide launch will be Jacksonville as well.

Contributing to the City Guides

Blogs, discounts, articles, reviews, and other info accepted for city guide publication

The City Guides are designed to provide things to do, places to go, and people to see, as well as the best in local dining options, discounts, freebies, and more. We welcome contributions from anyone or any organization with a local activity to promote or highlight.
We’re looking to post blogs from contributors, restaurant information, tickets that are going on sale, information about festivals coming up, volunteer information, and other community news. The City Guides will also highlight discounts, deals, free tickets, and other free things to do, and ways to stretch a budget.
If you have something to contribute, please use the link below.

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Until we launch an app, we’ll be relying on the occasional email update to keep City Guide visitors up to date. Our email lists cover OTL Seat Fillers and our City Guides. Just as we would never want our personal information sold or shared, and we would never do that to you. So, please go ahead and join the list so you don’t miss out on anything. Your email address is safe with us!

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