Dining in Every Miami Neighborhood

Nov 11, 2018

While our South Florida City Guides are handy for both residents and visitors alike, we want to secrets amongst locals in the area.
It doesn't matter if you've lived in Miami your entire life or you moved to South Florida last year, you're still going to want to be in the know with things to do and dining recommendations. So, we came across this posting in Miami.com where writer Carlos Frias, shares his favorites throughout the city. He covers his top choices going neighborhood-by-neighborhood.
If you're looking to find a new go-to dining experience in Miami, this will be a helpful guide for you. Or, at the very least, a place to start. So, enjoy, and happy dining!

Here’s how to eat like a local in (almost) every neighborhood in MiamiOn any given day, I’ll get a text from a friend or a family member asking, “Where should I eat?”
That question’s too big to answer — particularly in Miami-Dade county, which is developing some of the most exciting, interesting cuisine in the country. So I usually text back, “What part of town are you in?” Because all over the county, you can find great food, from unadorned comfort classics to menus meant for special nights out.
This is a list of my favorite spots, places where I actually eat, my go-tos on an average Tuesday, when I don’t have the time to cook for my daughters, or when I want to treat myself midweek.

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