eGifts to Buy In Your Pajamas

by | Dec 5, 2017

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by Mary Lou

Be creative, shake things up, and give a UNIQUE eGift this year!


No need for your pants, here. You can grab your laptop and order away. It's no longer necessary to settle for a last minute gift card when there are so many unique gift ideas out there that can be ordered on the same day you need it!
Subscriptions, memberships, we've got some non-traditional gifts that will show your loved ones that you care! So, take five minutes and review our list and then, in another five, you've got your gift ready to go!


Foot Cardigan

We haven't gone crazy here. Socks CAN be fun and are making a gift comeback!

Got a friend/relative who is always cold? How about a sweater for his/her feet. FOOT CARDIGAN has subscriptions for every available type of person, male, female, young, old, kiddo or grandma. You can gift your recipient with a subscription and they will receive a unique pair of socks every month (for as long as you keep paying). There are no hidden shipping charges either. What fun!

You can visit Foot Cardigan at, but it isn't the only sock-game in town, though. Here are a few other sockalicious subscription sites.


Sock of the Month


OTL Gift Membershps

I have to be somewhat self-promoting here because I do feel that OTL Gift Memberships are one of the most creative gift ideas around.

Our little seat filler membership clubs are ideal for people who love all kinds of entertainment. We work with the Arts and Entertainment communities to privately fill seats for smaller theaters and music venues. We also offer comedy tickets and other entertainment opportunities. It's fun to see what pops up and members usually are invited to a few shows a month and never have to pay for tickets.

A $34 (£34 in London) Premiere Gift Membership gives your friend or loved one free pairs of show tickets for three full months. They can reserve tickets to shows they want to attend and never pay for anything.

Shop for instant OTL e-gifts at


Hey Mama….get your beauty gene working with BIRCHBOX, subscription beauty products that will get your friends out of that 20 year rut they’ve been in.

We know you’re reluctant to tell them (unless you are really a rude and superficial person – which, of course, we know you are not) that their makeup is so passe. They’ll discover it all on their own, and to their delight, when they receive a monthly box with the latest in health and beauty products.

Members fill out a profile which lists the products they like to use, not by brand name, but by type, i.e. lipstick – cool colors, eye shadow – neutral shades, etc. Men can also join and be sent either sample or full sizes of products especially for them. It’s fun and it’s tactful.

Visit or check out a few other beautiful possibilities! (Vegan products)

Allure Beauty Box

For The Men!

For the fellows. They’ve been around forever it seems. Men say they hate them, but the guys look so cute when they loosen them and sling their jacket over your shoulder. Preferably while holding a martini, shaken not stirred. Is that even possible?

You’re not wondering are you?? They’re ties!

Help your friend build a wardrobe with a subscription tie service like Spiffster. Once a month and the collection gets bigger. They offer bow ties as well.

Visit Spiffster

More subscription ties are offered by:

The Tie Bar


More Gifts For Your Favorite Men!

Here’s a deal! The GQ BEST STUFF BOX is a quarterly subscription box featuring the things rigorously and loved by GQ editors. It includes their picks for electronics, grooming products, and accessories. Best part, every box is valued at over $200.00, but costs you, you generous gifter, only $49.99. This is for the quarterly plan. The yearly plan saves you even more.

The first box begins shipping mid-January 2018. Limited quantity available so pre-order your gift soon.

And, more...

The Five Four Club

The Trendy Butler

For The Little Ones

You can’t forget the kiddos. They love to get their own mail and packages.
Make learning fun for them with LITTLE PASSPORTS. Kids of all ages will have fun with these kits and they won’t even realize they are learning. Monthly packages arrive with lots of fun activities in different categories such as World Edition, Science Expeditions, Early Explorers, and USA Edition.

More subscriptions for the kids:

Rockets of Awesome (clothing for boys or girls)

Ann Williams Group (exciting crafts for pre-school through adults)