Five Unique Gifts for Mother’s Day 2019

Apr 14, 2019

Mother's Day 2019 is May 12th

I used to be really great at picking out gifts for my Mom. For quite some time, it seemed like we had a similar taste. Any item of clothing, a piece of jewelry, or pair of shoes I picked out became a Christmas, Birthday or Mother's Day slam dunk.
Not anymore, though.
We've veered off in different style directions, so gift-giving is much more challenging.

Mother's Day Past

Years ago, living in different places would also pose problems. When Mother's Day rolled around and your mother wasn't in your home city, you had to jump through quite a few hoops. Not only did you need to buy the gift, but find boxes and packing materials, and then make it to the post office at least a week early so it would arrive on time.
These days, online gifts make life so much easier. You don't have to buy a gift card, as there are so many unique products and services online.

Mother's Day 2019

I don't know about you, though, but I still run into problems trying to be creative. I've given scarves, necklaces, Kindles, Roku sticks, as well as my share of gift cards. But, I like coming up with something that's more outside of the (gift) box, and score a few extra Mom points along the way.
So I'm sharing five of my picks for Mother's Day 2019. None of them require a trip to the store, department or UPS, as you can buy everything with your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Top Five Ideas for Mother's Day Gifts

1. The Rumpus Book Club

Do you have a Mom like mine who reads a book a day? That's really no exaggeration.
But even if your Mom, Grandmother, Mother in Law, Aunt or other special someone in your life doesn't have their hands permanently glued to their Kindle, a book club could still be a fun surprise.
The Rumpus Book Club sends a new unpublished book each month. From there, participation is up to the member. There's an ongoing discussion on the Rumpus website. Then, the month culminates with a final chat that includes the author.
It's $29 per month. You can also buy six and 12-month subscriptions.
Rumpus also has a Poetry Book Club. Combining them both is $50 monthly.

2. Acorn or BritBox

If TV or movies make more sense for your 2019 Mothers Day gift, then there are some cool ideas beyond Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu. While they're all great mainstream options that may do the trick, Acorn or BritBox features the best of British TV.
Acorn is just $5.99 a month, and BritBox comes in at $6.99, so they're super affordable and you can buy according to your budget. Acorn even offers a year for the price of ten months.
The services provide seasons of shows like Brokenwood Mysteries, Doctor Who, Agatha Raisin, Poirot, Eastenders, Doctor Who, and so much more! You'll even find some Canadian favorites like Murdoch Mysteries (my personal favorite!).

3. Nespresso

A few years ago, I gifted a Keurig to my parents. But, after spending a lot more time in England using a Tassimo machine, I'm a "crema convert." So, I've switched to a Nespresso machine, and my Mom is right on board with me.
Not only does the machine make for an ideal gift, but you can keep building on it in the future. There are so many different flavors and types of coffee in the Nespresso store. You can also buy an Aeroccino, which makes foam for cappuccinos and other drinks, unusual cups, coffee holders, and more.
Nespresso capsules are more exclusive so online gift replenishment is always a great present.

4. Glass Pictures through Fracture

I've been obsessed lately with actually using some of my pictures rather than having them sit idly by on my computer or phone.
There's nothing like proudly displaying your own images that are professionally framed. They're much more meaningful than picking up a few pieces of art in a local retailer. So, I was intrigued when I saw a commercial for Fracture.
Fracture takes your digital photo and transfers it to glass. Not only do your photos translate differently to glass than photo paper, but you don't need a frame.
The process is affordable with smaller prints starting at just $17 and larger ones, like 16" x 20" for $95 and up.
If you're not enthused about the glass concept, another idea is to take some family photos, put them on a USB drive. Your local Walmart is one location that will print within an hour. You can even get poster-sized prints for under $10 and then find some unique frames.
While the second option could require you to hand deliver to Mom or ship it yourself, it's definitely an out of the box gift.

5. Allure Beauty Box

A few years ago, I gave my mother a subscription to Birchbox. Each month she received a new box full of product samples like lipstick, shampoo, perfume, and other makeup products.
Birchbox is a great gift and only $15 a month. But, since then, I've converted my own subscription to Allure Beauty Box, and I think it may be just a notch better. The reason being is that you get a little booklet included in each box that describes the products a little better and instructs you how to use them.
You can't really go wrong with either one if your Mom or other intended gift recipient loves makeup, skincare, and other beauty products. I've received some full-sized products along with generous sample sizes. A few months ago, my box had an entire eyeshadow collection with 16 different colors.
I've found some favorite hair and skincare products, and it's just fun to see what surprises are in store each month.

Four Different Seat Filler Clubs

I know I said five but I would be remiss if I left this idea off of the list.
It's not a viable option for my own Mom because she's one of the driving forces behind OTL Seat Filler Membership Clubs. But, a seat filler membership could be an awesome gift for your loved one(s). The idea is spreading across the country, as well as in London.
Seat Filler Tickets

SeatStir and OTL

In addition to our 16 OTL Seat Fillers Clubs, SeatStir is another great local club that's in six US cities.
OTL has locations in Atlanta, Austin, Boston/New England, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Nashville, Orlando, Portland, Raleigh-Durham, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, and Tampa Bay. The 16th location is in London (UK). You can buy a gift for any of the locations at
Seat Stir is in Cleveland, Minneapolis, New York/New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Washington DC.

Plugin Vegas in Las Vegas

While Las Vegas is the ideal seat filler city with all of its ongoing shows, so it offers a few club options, I highly recommend Plugin Vegas.
Not only does it provide top-notch on-strip shows at some of the biggest hotel-casinos, but it appeals to locals with community events. Plugin provides festival tickets, experiences, and plenty of things to do for less than $10 a month.

It's a (Gift) Wrap

I hope these suggestions give you some inspiration for all of your Mother's Day gift recipients this year. It doesn't take any additional time to buy something off the beaten path. The challenge is coming up with a unique idea.

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