Food with the St. Louis Twist

Jan 27, 2019

Not that there's anything wrong with chain restaurants. But, sometimes you want something really special, and there are two restaurants that fit the bill for yummy food with a St. Louis twist.


Sister Cities Cajun, located on Broadway just south of Anheuser Busch, should whet your appetite with shrimp and grits, po' boys, shareables, and tacos. You can tack on a side of gumbo, jambalaya, and dirty rice, and then wash it down with a fresh-squeezed hurricane or fresh sangria for good measure. Sister Cities also happens to be an oddity in that it accepts Bitcoin payments, so there's that, too.


Union 30 is new to the St. Louis culinary world in 2019. It's situated within the Hotel St. Louis Downtown, and it's all about farm to table. A gluten-free chicken burger or one of 11 different "sammaches" is a hearty lunch. Dinner includes blackened catfish with crawfish etouffee or head to its 705 Olive Boulevard location early for the breakfast and craft beer combo.


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Shrimp and grits at Sister Cities Cajun


Special Request: Sister Cities puts St. Louis spin on shrimp and grits

Q • The shrimp and grits at Sister Cities Cajun are outstanding. Any chance the owners would share the recipe? — Laura Mater, Fenton

A • Chef and owner Travis Parfait puts more than a few special spins on his well-loved shrimp and grits recipe at Sister Cities Cajun restaurant. When he emailed his recipe for the dish, this native of Dulac, La., did so with a disclaimer and an homage to his beloved grandmother, MaMa.

“While shrimp and grits has become a staple in southern restaurants, I would have never dreamed of wasting shrimp on grits as a kid. Grits were something you got at MaMa’s house if she didn’t feel like cooking. You might stir in a spoonful of bacon grease, a ton of black pepper, and if you were lucky there would be cheese in the icebox to dance it up.


Union 30 Restaurant in Downtown St Louis


Now open: Union 30 offers St. Louis traditions and creative comfort food

Union 30, the restaurant inside developers Amy and Amrit Gill's new Hotel St. Louis downtown, aims to celebrate the breadth of St. Louis culinary tradition. On its menu are nods to both classic local recipes (Mayfair salad dressing, Famous-Barr French onion soup) and contemporary trends (avocado toast, barbecue).

Birkenmeier has also imported Quincy Street's popular Kegs N Eggs promotion, which pairs breakfast dishes with craft-beer selections. Individual breakfast dishes include Breakfast Jenga with two 63-degree eggs, arugula, hollandaise and both french fries and Spam “fries.”

For more info on Union 30 and for some other upscale comfort food dishes, be sure to check out the full article.



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