About Us

Our little team at OTL Seat Filler Clubs includes family and friends who believe in the win-win concept.

More Than Five Years of Free Tickets for Members

The idea of providing members with introductions and free tickets to really cool events for less than the price of one movie ticket each month is exciting and rewarding.
Our entertainment partners appreciate the service as well. Many venues that work with OTL are smaller theatre companies. They don't have the budget to pay for audience building services nor do they have the time to implement grassroots campaigns. So, the opportunity to privately fill a few seats without anyone publicizing it works out well for everyone.

Short Run Shows

There is something that potential members should know before they join, though. Our club locations are all across the United States and in London. But we don't have the luxury of shows that run 52 weeks a year like they do in places like Las Vegas or New York City. Even in London, we work with community-based theatres and not west end theatres. So, a show could run for a few days, and then there isn't another one in that venue for several months.

Occasional Shows

Anyone thinking of joining an OTL club needs to know that it's not set up like a ticket broker. There will be plenty of times when you log in and there aren't any shows posted. It all depends on the season and the needs of the area venues. But then there are also times when members have choices of shows to attend.
We've had a few cities with ten or more shows posted at once. That's not typical of our clubs, though.
So, if you're used to cities like Las Vegas where seat filler clubs post the same show week after week, or you think that we should be like TicketMaster with a long list of options, that's not OTL. Members receive incredible value for very low monthly dues but understand that there are slower and busier times. We just never know what's coming up, and that's part of the fun!

Seat Filler Clubs Aren't Ticket Brokers

Seat Filler Tickets are always FREE

Members receive 2-4 tickets to each show

Members attend via private invitation by the venues and producers

Tickets are picked up at the theatre just before showtime

Reservations are made in the member area

Shows aren't always posted

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