Premiere Limited Membership for:  Charlotte, Portland (OR), Raleigh-Durham, and St. Louis ONLY


OTL Limited Premiere Membership

$1 for Six Months


Please read before you register a new OTL membership:

OTL is in the rebuilding process for Charlotte, Portland (OR), Raleigh-Durham, and St. Louis. Member participation has been lacking, so OTL lost valuable partnerships. As we believe in the concept and look forward to gaining momentum again, we're keeping these locations active. However, we're not charging typical membership dues, as shows and events are few and far between, as compared to other cities.

So, as we're not sure what the future holds in these four locations, you can register for just $1.00 for six months of limited membership

Keep in mind that there won't be as many opportunities in these cities as in other locations (at least not right away). But you'll be able to reserve TWO free tickets to anything that does pop up along the way.

This membership does NOT auto-renew.


Monthly Membership

Monthly (or Quarterly) Dues

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All OTL Seat Filler memberships auto-renew until members either change their membership plan or cancel. Quarterly renewals are also available in the renewal section of the member dashboard.

TWO (or FOUR) Seats per Show

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No need to attend a show on your own, as you can treat your loved ones or friends. Monthly and premiere memberships include two seats per event. Grand memberships allow for up to four seats.

Show Reservations

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Members make reservations in the OTL member area. Tickets are picked up at the venue Box Office just before show time.

Membership Rules

If you make a reservation, you must attend the show

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OTL's event partners provide the free tickets in exchange for a guarantee that the seats will be filled. While members are under no obligation to reserve tickets, when they do, they must attend the show. We hate rules, but this one is non-negotiable.

Privacy to shows - shhh don't mention seat filler tickets

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OTL's awesome entertainment partners provide free tickets in exchange for members privately filling the seats. We can't publicize who our partners are or talk about OTL at the show venues. They're in business to sell tickets, and we don't want to impact their sales by promoting that they provide members with freebies.

Dues already paid are non-refundable

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OTL makes it easy to cancel your membership. It's a few clicks of a button in the member area. The club does maintain a strict no refund policy on dues already paid, though.

Members must abide by club rules

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We don't have many rules, but this is a club and we do have to maintain a few of them so that we can stick around for a long time to come. Membership rules are posted on the website on the front end and in the member area. All new members must agree to abide by the club rules.

New Member Registration


Use this registration form ONLY if you live in one of these areas:

Charlotte, Portland (OR), Raleigh-Durham, or St. Louis

Visit our main page for other membership locations and registration information.

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OTL Membership Rules & No Refund Policy - please read each of the 7 statements below and check each box to indicate your acceptance - all members must agree to these policies as condition of membership:
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Welcome to the Club!


If you have questions or need anything, you can reach Member Services through the contact form or the email that you're provided in your welcome information.
We hope you love being a member and get out to a lot of wonderful shows and events!