A Seat Fillers membership for you AND your guest for shows, events, and activities

OTL On-Call Premiere Membership
  • If you don't live in one of the 10 Preferred US Locations, you can be an On-Call Seat Filler
  • On-Call Members have access to anything posted in the member area, but there are no consistent partnerships in every location
  • Once an On-Call city has the right balance of members and partners, it converts to a Preferred Location - but YOU get three months notice
  • $ 3.65 per month (the average price of one Starbucks Latte!):¬† auto-renews until YOU opt to change plans or cancel



OTL Seat Fillers - On-Call Premiere Membership

Your OTL On-Call Premiere Seat Fillers Membership allows you to reserve TWO FREE tickets (or spots) to each of the available shows, events, and activities.

Before you register, please read the membership rules and understand that OTL is a SEAT FILLERS Club and not a ticket broker. There's no guaranteed number of events or opportunities, especially in On-Call cities. However, anything that pops up is 100% FREE for you and your guest.

Free Shows, Services, Activities, and other Opportunities


Everything that you attend as a seat filler is free for you & your guest


Two and four-seat memberships available. Cancel anytime.


On-Call Premiere Membership Registration

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OTL Dues 3 Mo $3.65 then $3.65/Mo (auto renews, non-refundable, cancel anytime)
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OTL Membership Rules & No Refund Policy - please read each of the 7 statements below and check each box to indicate your acceptance - all members must agree to these policies as condition of membership:
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