Freebies to Kick Off July 2020

Jun 30, 2020

Freebies in July

With both the OTL Seat Fillers Membership Club and the OTL City Guides that feature events calendars, directories, and “best life” tips, it’s easy to see what we prioritize. So, we’re sharing some freebies in July 2020 that could help to ease the stress of partial Coronavirus lockdown.

Our little family and friend team that’s behind OTL is all about stretching a budget, and freebies in July, and year-round, are even better. The seat fillers club gets members free tickets and things to do each month for less than one movie ticket. We’re all about discovering hidden gems that enrich our lives, without having to take out a loan to enjoy them.

freebies, free stuff, free things to do, freebies on otl city guides, free events, freeFree Directories

So, we’ve launched a variety of directories that are free to access and open for free postings. Directories, as well as freebies in July, aren’t private seat fillers opportunities; they’re for everyone.

We’re in the process of building all kinds of listings. The guides include classes, clubs and organizations, senior citizens resources, amateur sports, events and entertainment, non-profit donations, volunteer opportunities, churches and spirituality, and more. But, free directories are already up and running.

Free events, free classes, free online events and classes, and free stuff are the big four in the freebies categories.

Add to the directories

If you’ve got some freebies to share, go ahead, and post your information. Or, read on as I’m going to highlight a few of the top free postings for this week. Along with our other services, like events calendars, blogs, and seat filling, we’re going to keep spotlighting new and exciting freebies.

Discounts are great, but the freebies are even better!

online escape room, hogwarts escape room, online escape room, free escape room

Hogwarts Escape Room

Whether you’re a Harry Potter fan, or you’re just up for a challenge, you’ll appreciate this one.

One of the best freebies in July is Oprah approved

It’s a digital escape room so that you can play from the comforts of home, and it’s a 100% freebie in July (and beyond) experience! You can complete it on your own or gather the family and compete against each other.

The custom experience is courtesy of Sydney Krawiec, the Youth Services Librarian at Peters Township Public Library in McMurray, Pennsylvania.

And, hey, it was featured in Oprah Magazine! The Oprah sign of approval = priceless.

my panera coffee, free coffee, freebies at panera, freebies in July, my panera free coffee subscription

A Freebie in July and All Summer at Panera Bread

Hurry – Sign up by July 4th for a Summer of Free Coffee!

Instead of paying $8.99 a month for Panera Bread’s Coffee Subscription, how about $0 a month?

Panera Bread is giving away free coffee subscriptions, as long as you sign up by July 4th. The freebie lasts until September 7th. If you cancel before the 7th, you won’t pay anything. But if you want to keep getting your caffeine fix at Panera, the post-Labor Day plan reverts to $8.99 a month, which is still a bargain!

live radio sweeper, free online radio, radio around the world, music freebies

Music from Around the World – Live Radio Sweeper

Any time, anywhere… Live Radio Sweeper is a music freebie in July and beyond. You can listen to live radio stations from around the world. It’s different than a streaming service, as you’re getting the full immersive experience.

Do you live in Los Angeles? You can listen to NYC stations, or the best from Canada, Mexico, the UK, the list goes on and on.

Metropolitan Opera, The Met at home gala, opera online

Metropolitan Opera – At Home Gala

Based on current information, the MET will not be welcoming audiences back until December 31, 2020. You can still enjoy nightly opera by streaming encore presentations of its Live in HD series.

The Met said, “during its closure, a different performance will be made available for a period of 20 hours a day, beginning at 7:30 p.m. ET until 3:30 p.m. the following day.”

If your ballgown or tux is gathering dust, then give them some love. Grab a bottle of champagne, and host a private, at-home gala.

Hamilton Live, Hamilton on Disney+, Hamilton the Musical

Hamilton on Disney+

OK, I’m cheating with this entry, as it’s not one of the freebies in July that’s 100% complimentary for everyone, but it’s close.

What do you get when you combine the story of Alexander Hamilton with hip-hop and R & B? The answer is that you get a multi-Tony award-winning Broadway musical that’s taken the spotlight for the past five years.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s masterpiece is on Coronavirus hiatus at The Richard Rodgers Theatre until January 3rd, 2020. But Disney+ is stepping up by streaming a performance filmed in 2016.

One of the Freebies in July with Disney+

Again, this isn’t exactly one of the freebies in July, as you need Disney+. However, if you’re a Verizon customer, you get a year of Disney+ for free. You can also add the app within Amazon Prime video. It’s $6.99 a month, and that includes much more than Hamilton.

Disney+ covers the Star Wars universe, Marvel, including Avengers Infinity Wars. It also includes the best of Disney, Pixar, and National Geographic.

The bad news is that Disney+ discontinued their free trial week in anticipation of Hamilton. So, if you want to catch the best of Broadway, you have to pay $6.99 for a month. Not quite a freebie, but close!

Hamilton on Broadway

Live performances are off the table until January of 2021. But if you’re excited about Broadway tickets, then you can add your email to the official Hamilton ticket list for updates.

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