OTL Seat Fillers Membership Giveaway

by | May 19, 2019

OTL Seat Fillers Free Membership Giveaway

Even though seat filler clubs launched a few years prior, OTL Seat Fillers has been “OTL” or “On the List” since 2014.
To celebrate our 5th anniversary, we want to introduce the unique concept to new entertainment enthusiasts who may not have ever heard about seat filling beyond the confines of Los Angeles, New York, and London (although we do have a club in London!)
So, on the 5th of June 2019, we’re giving away 100 Free three-month seat filler memberships in each of our 16 club locations. OTL is currently in Atlanta, Austin, Boston-New England, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, London, Nashville, Orlando, Portland (Oregon), Raleigh-Durham, San Francisco, Seattle, South Florida, St. Louis, and Tampa Bay.

Locations and gift code

For links to all locations and more information about community seat filling, visit our OTL Seat Fillers main page.
To receive a free membership on the 5th of June, you must be a NEW OTL Seat Filler member and apply gift code FREETICKETS on the registration page. You can select any three-month membership of your choice (two or four seats per show).

Giveaway Reminder

If you’d like a reminder about the membership giveaway, add your email to our private OTL City Guides/Seat Filler list. We’ll shoot you an email so you can take advantage of new and free things to do in your hometown.

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Not a Common Google Search

Most people wouldn’t think to sit down to their computer and Google “seat fillers” when they’re looking for new things to do or ways to stretch their entertainment budget. However, seat filler clubs are going strong, even though they’re a well-kept secret. That secret has prompted our free membership giveaway, though. We want everyone to know about the fun of being community seat fillers.
Not only are the clubs still gaining traction, but they’re challenging to promote because of the strict “privacy to shows” policy. OTL and other seat filler clubs like SeatStir and Las Vegas’ PluginVegas are respectful of their entertainment partners’ goal of selling tickets. So, seat filler clubs never promote the names of the shows or events that are privately posted for members.
It only stays a win-win proposition if the members are able to be invited to at least a few shows monthly and the partners’ regular ticket sales aren’t impacted.

Seat Fillers are Always Free

Just as the partners benefit from having more people in the audience, increased food and beverage sales, and excited patrons who will share positive information about the shows, members are always free, and that’s just the beginning.
OTL Seat Filler Members:

  • Never pay for tickets – each member and his or her guest(s) attend shows for free
  • Pay an average of just $10 (£10 in London) in membership dues, which is all inclusive
  • Have no commitment – they can cancel their seat filler membership at any time
  • Have been invited to plays, musicals, comedy shows, music events, burlesque, classes, festivals, lectures, book signings, tv filmings, and many other fun activities and experiences
  • Make reservations in their private member area and then pick up tickets at the box office just before the show
  • Treat their guests to free shows as well. All memberships include one guest ticket. There’s also a Grand membership option that allows for up to four tickets per event.
  • Are privately invited by the show producers and venues
  • Receive tickets just like every other paying patron – they simply show their ID at the Will Call Window (no coupons or papers to present)
  • Always sit with their guests. The experience is different than that of an award show seat filler. Members are there to enjoy the show with their family or friends and are treated just like every other audience member.

The Heart and Soul of OTL

So, here’s the scoop. I don’t want to get into too many details on OTL, as we have explainer videos, about us pages, and plenty of other information to access to find out more about the clubs.
Instead, I want to talk about why I, my family and friends who work on the clubs, and our members really enjoy being a part of the OTL experience.
It’s not entirely because of the free tickets. Yes, that’s the driving force that would prompt you to join. But there’s more than just that. It’s fun to see a really cool show pop up out of the blue.

Not ticket brokers

Keep in mind, we’re not ticket brokers. We don’t have long lists of events. In many cities, there will be about two or three shows or events that will be posted monthly.
For the most part, we’re able to balance everything out, though, so members aren’t usually shut out if there’s a show they’d like to attend. Clubs aren’t massive organizations. They’re smaller and in proportion to the number of seats that we typically receive from entertainment partners.

Sharing is fun

While it’s awesome to see something you’re excited about appearing in the member area, it’s also fun to be able to share the love. As all memberships include at least one guest ticket, you get to surprise someone with a free and fun night of theatre, music, comedy, or other activities.
We love the idea of sharing venues and events that members may not have even been aware of before. Some of our members have gone on to volunteer at different theatres or have become season subscribers. We’ve been fortunate to partner with awesome event promoters who also want more exposure.

OTL 100-Free Memberships Giveaway – Every City!

OTL isn’t everywhere (not yet anyway!), but we will be giving away a total of 100 free memberships in each of our 16 cities.

Wednesday 5 June – Free Membership Day

Free Membership Day is scheduled for Wednesday, June 5th. The first 100 NEW members to register any new OTL starter membership will receive their first three months for FREE. The catch? You must enter gift code FREETICKETS, and then click apply before completing registration. You’ll see the regular price, which is $34 for a two-seat membership for $54 for a Grand four-seat membership change to $0.
In London, the pricing is the same – £34 for a premiere two-seat membership and £54 for four seats.
So, on the 5th of June, just pick your location, select a membership, and input coupon code FREETICKETS. All tickets are included. You don’t pay anything else. Just get out and have some fun and be entertained!
Easy Peasy!

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