Ramen or Tiramisu at 2 am

Nov 17, 2018

Unless you live somewhere like Las Vegas where life is 24 hours a day and you can shop for groceries or sit down to a full meal at 3 am, chances are that your options are limited.
But, if you live in Boston, you don't need to settle for a bag of Doritos or hotdog from the local 7-11, as there are some amazing and yummy choices at your disposal whether it's 1 pm or 1 am.
Diners are known for their late night breakfasts and there are a few like the South Street Diner, which will put some french toast on the griddle for you or satisfy your burger craving. Wholesome Fresh in Harvard Square is a relatively new addition to the late-night world. But, if you're sitting at home wishing you had some ramen or a big deli sandwich, your wish is Wholesome's command.
North Enders are already fully aware of Bova's Bakery. Day or night, they pop in for calzones or a fresh biscotti. So, regardless of what you're craving, you can select from some of Boston's best eateries - day or night.

These restaurants are open for 24 hours, so you never have to be hungry at 3 a.m. againThese restaurants are open for 24 hours, so you never have to be hungry at 3 a.m. again

There’s nothing like 3 a.m. hunger pangs. Cravings that strike in the middle of the night — or the early morning, if that’s how you see it — arrive urgently, to be satisfied only by greasy pizza or greasy doughnuts or greasy omelets or anything, really, as long as it comes with a respectable coating of grease.
But late-night dining is a rare breed in Boston, and its vampire cousin — the 24-hour restaurant — is even more elusive.
To curb those nocturnal cravings, we found all of the diners, delis, and bakeries where the lights never dim, the doors are always unlocked, and the grease shimmers around the clock.

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