It’s Curtains for Couch Potatoes!

by | Aug 27, 2017

We're brand new and still uploading information. So, bear with us during our build process. Add your info to our private list for updates or continue to check back for new things to do - in your hometown.

by Mary Lou, OTL Seat Fillers

29 August 2017

Seat Filing Through Small Seat Filler Membership Clubs

I wanted to provide you with a bit of information on seat filling through our OTL Membership Clubs, as they're unique and not something you'd just google and look up. And, yes, they are clubs. Small membership clubs with no meetings to attend but lots of fun things to do and the tickets for which to do them.


No Video Streaming - Live Shows Only

On The List is not for couch potatoes. If you have one, leave him/her at home. OTL seat filling is for active, interested, lively people of all ages from 21 to 101, who truly enjoy attending new and different events, and experiencing what their local arts and entertainment communities have to offer. (They occasionally go for the old tried and true as well).

While you won’t find members of our Seat Filler Clubs with the remote glued to their hand and that glassy-eyed stare, you also won’t find them queued up overnight to get the $200.00 tickets for that National Touring Performer event.

Seat Filling is a Win-Win for Members and Promoters

Our Entertainment Partners/Promoters, bless their hearts, offer us unsold tickets to their events. We then post these events and our members log on and reserve them. There are occasional last-minute shows, but most have at least a few days of lead time. The ticket allotment is limited so members need to hurry.

Our members, bless their hearts, pay a small amount for dues every month (I do mean small as in miniscule – from $8.50 to $10.50 for a two-person membership to a max of $14.00 for up to four reservations per show).

Attend one show... attend 10 shows...

Did we mention that there is no limit to the number of events members may attend. No? Well, there IS no limit to the number of events members may attend.They only reserve one event per day though. No reserving everything and deciding at the last minute which show you will see. There are other members who may want to attend a show that night.
On The List may be one of the very few companies promising LESS than we deliver. We have Event Directors (aka our family and friends who mostly volunteer their time) working with Entertainment Partners in all of our cities. They are burning up their computers and so happy when they are able to post a cool event for you. Most of the time we are offering you several events to choose from. See – promising less and delivering more!

Different Cities, Unique Personalities

Oh, there’s more, but, remember, not all at the same time. Some cities are geared to certain genres and some are full of variety.

Where ever you are – no matter what city you register in- you’ll get your money’s worth. Just think you could attend a play with your S.O. on a Saturday and go out with friends to a comedy show on Wednesday, some music on Friday and if that’s all you do for the rest of the month you are way over your dues payment. Good grief, what does a movie cost? For one person.

I nearly forgot, there are occasional movies as well. We recently offered an old time movie fest in one of our cities that lasted for more than eight weeks of performances. Sometimes organizations in our various cities will have a movie festival with movies that play up what the group is all about. Seat filling knows no bounds.

Member Benefits Ebb and Flow

Here’s a caviar, oops, caveat. There will be times in every city when there are very few events for a few weeks. OTL members should not despair. The drought will change, and quickly.

The Rules are Short.. the Fun is Extensive!

All organizations must have some rules and we are no exception. We have a list of Member Rules on our website. We try to keep them few in number. No one, including us, like constraining rules.

Ours are mostly common sense and common courtesy, with which we are sure you are brimming over.

Cancel Anytime: We only want members who WANT to be members.
Attendance Mandatory: IF you decide to make a reservation, you must attend the show. Our partners count on those seats being filled.
No Refunds, But No Requirements: Stay a member for as long as you like. Cancel anytime. We just don't issue refunds on dues that have already been paid.
We Honor All Paid Dues: If you cancel, you keep getting benefits until the last day of your paid dues arrives.

The 10-Second Tour of OTL Seat Filler Clubs

Let's sum seat filling up into a quick read...

- Pay just a small amount in dues payments = many shows and events to choose from (for two to four people not just one).

- All shows offered to members have a ticket value attached (they're not free to the general public, just privately issued to OTL seat filler members).

- Music, Theatre, Comedy, and more. OTL has offered lectures, sports, movies, previews, TV filmings, and more, but the big focus is on community theatre, comedy shows, and the occasional music performance.

- Dues are conveniently deducted from your credit card every month after your initial registration.

- You may cancel at any time.

- No refunds on dues already paid.

- Member rules, but they are common sense and common courtesy.

- Sometimes one or even zero events posted, and then a plethora will pop up.

- Members are not limited to one event a month, they may attend as many as they wish to reserve. Only once for each event, and only one per day, though.

- Events will be as varied as our membership.

- We love to have fun, and we want our members to have a wonderful time at the events we offer.

It's Not For Everyone But... Seat Filling Could Be For YOU!

So, as we say in Brooklyn, waddya tink?
We think we’re the best deal in town... but not if you enjoy lining up and waiting, waiting, waiting to pay the big bucks for the current big star. I swear I am not making fun of you. I did the same thing when Paul McCartney came to town. Just couldn’t miss his show. I love our local talent too, and many of the folks I have seen have been the equal or better than stars I have seen perform on Broadway. (Not Paul though – nope, not Paul. His show was great!)

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