Tech Christmas Gifts 2019

Nov 13, 2019

Tech Christmas Gifts 2019 - With Budget Pricing Too!

In today's digital world, one of the best go-to gift guides is for Tech Christmas Gifts in 2019. So, we scoured the pages of Amazon to put together ten ideas that will lighten the load for you during this holiday season. If you're an Amazon Prime Member, it'll be even easier for you. A few clicks of a button and your gift is on the way. These ideas aren't just tech-related, they're also easy on the wallet.

You won't find computers, game systems, or the latest iPhone on our list. These are accessories, upgrades, and other gifts that will enhance standard equipment. They may not be blinged out and glamorous, but your gift recipient won't mind. He or she will get a lot of use out these tech gifts throughout 2020.




Your 2019 "Tech" Budget Gift Guide

Tile Mate

A Bluetooth Tracker

Do you know someone who is always losing his or her keys? What about their phone? Camera? Headphones?

Then, the Tile Mate is the must buy tech gift for Christmas 2019. What is it?  It's a bluetooth tracker. You attach the little tile to your keyring and your keys are now monitored. A press of a button and you've got their location. You can buy one for $18.68. But a four-pack ($47.99) might be better if they're really absent-minded. These handy little squares can make life sooo much easier!

All of our gift ideas in this particular list have handy Amazon links, but you can buy these from other retailers as well.

Kasa Smart WiFi Plug Mini

Voice commands and an automator for your electronics - turn them on and off remotely

Do you remember the clapper? You'd clap your hands and your lights would turn on and off. It's a fun party trick, but the clapper has now gone high-tech, although not quite mainstream yet, courtesy of the Kasa Smart WiFi Plug Mini.

This gift is only $14.95 and has a bit of a wow factor. It gives you the ability to turn your electronics on and off using a smartphone app. OR, even better, you can use voice commands by connecting the Smart WiFi Plug to Alexa or Google Home. That's not all, though. Your gift recipient can even set up an automated on-off schedule, which is handy when he or she is away. This may be a practical gift, but it has a fun factor too!

OMOTON Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

Turn your tablet into a laptop

This particular item is more a suggestion that a go-to. While we love the portability of cell phones and tablets, it's so much faster to type with a keyboard. That's where the OMOTON Bluetooth Keyboard comes in, as it works with both.

While this model is compatible with Galaxy Tablets and Notes, there are plenty of other bluetooth keyboards designed for pretty much every electronic device. It's something that most people don't think to buy for themselves, but it can turn a tablet into a little mini computer in an instant. Plus, these little typing tools are quite inexpensive The OMOTON is only $13.99.

Cyber Power Surge Protector

Lots of outlets, safe and secure

Admittedly this isn't the most exciting gift on the list. But, it is a great idea for a stocking stuffer or to accompany a bigger tech gift. Like the keyboard, this isn't something that most people think about buying, but it's got a few benefits. Not only does it have six outlets for six different electronics, but the surge protector can save those electronics if the power goes out or surges.

We saw this on sale from $17.95 to $11.62, so it's a great add-on gift. Hey, at that price, buy yourself a gift, right?

Official Google Cardboard

Virtual Reality!

If you don't already know what this is, you may think that we've gone crazy. Google Cardboard? Yup!

It's $15 and it's a low-tech item that turns into something extremely high-tech. The Google Cardboard works with a smartphone to become a VR (Virtual Reality) viewer. Check out the CNET video below and it'll all become clear (and in 3D!).

Wyze Bulb

Dim your lights with your phone

The Wyze Bulb is in the same vein as the Kasa Smart WiFi Plug. It's a dimmable light bulb, and it's brightness isn't adjusted with a dimmer on your light switch. Instead, it's automated through an app or voice command.

You can take the Wyze Bulb a step further (or several steps) with other components in the Wyze system. There are very affordable indoor cameras and other indoor safety and security itmes. The Wyze Bulb is only $11.98 and cameras are less than $40.


Cool off and see the time in mid air

Is it a clock? Is it a fan?

It's both!

The ONXE USB LED Clock Fan is only $13.99 and it definitely has the cool factor (pun intended!). You plug it into your laptop or PC and you end up with a nice cool breeze and a floating illuminated clock face. For less than $15, they'll be impressed with this gift!

Auxiwa Clip On Selfie Ring Light

Much more flattering light for your photos

Like it or not, selfies are here to stay. So, why not take them to the next level? For just $13.99, they can turn their phone into a mini photography studio.

Instead of using the cellphone flash, which can produce harsh lighting effects, you clip on this little baby. It's got 36 LED lights and is fully rechargable. Photos are then taken in softer and much more flattering light. They can put it to use the minute they rip open the package.

LapGear MyDesk Lap Desk

An office with a handle

Give it as a gift or keep it for yourself, as this one is a must for everyone who has a laptop. It's a little portable desk that will keep your computer from overheating. But it's actually more than that, as there are pockets underneath to hold pens or other supplies. The top has a ledge to keep your laptop from slipping, as well as a cell phone holder.

It's awesome! And, it's only $17.99. This is a new model so it's got the extra little touches.

Anker Power Core 5000 Portable Charger

A charging outlet that travels with you

We know that we don't get high marks for originality on this one, but it's still a good one to include in this list. Everyone who has a phone should have a portable charger - just in case.

This one is a mid-range one. It offers high speed charging for $25.99. You can get it for less in other colors. But, hey, it's Christmas and we like the pretty red color!

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Amazon for Shipping OR the Gift of Prime

best gifts for 2019, best Christmas gifts 2019, gift guide 2019, 2019 gift guideYou may have noticed that we included a few Amazon gifts in the mix. Well, actually, ALL Amazon gifts! Our entire family at OTL has been members of the Amazon Prime program for years, and we have definitely reaped the benefit. If you're going to buy even a few items from the giant online seller, you may want to look at a Prime membership. It's $3 for a 30-day Trial. Not too shabby!

Also, we never thought about this one, but an Amazon Prime Gift may not satisfy the box, wrappings, and bow requirement that we love to see under the tree, but it will be appreciated

TIP: If you're looking to spend less than a year of Amazon Prime, you can also buy a gift of just three months. That's three months of free shipping, movies, and more. It's a great deal. But wrap it up in a nice big box with a pretty bow for more impact!

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