When is Amazon Prime Day and…

When is Amazon Prime Day? And Another Hot Ticket for June 2021!

Amazon Prime Day, Amazon, Prime Day 2021

When is Amazon Prime Day and…

What is the Other Hot Ticket for June?


This blog post is a twofer, as we’re about to answer “when is Amazon Prime Day?” AND “when are seat fillers returning?”


It’s an unexpected combination. Of course, that’s what they say about bacon and chocolate.


I’m putting Amazon Prime Day together with the relaunch of OTL Seat Fillers because they’re two hot tickets in June 2021. Both will save you some cash. But, one is a symbolic hot ticket, while the other is literal.


Did you know that OTL Seat Fillers receive complimentary tickets to theatre, music, comedy, and more?


Really, when is Amazon Prime Day?


OK, if you’re just here to find out the Amazon Prime Day dates, I can share that they’re June 21 and 22, 2021.


But, don’t go just yet because we can help prepare you for this year’s big event. All you have to do is add your info to our private email list, and we’ll give you some gentle reminders.


So, you might be here because you want to plan for the big sale, but you’ve lucked into so much more!

Amazon Prime Days 2021

Amazon Prime Day 3-2-1 Reminders

I don’t know about you, but I’ve missed out on a few Amazon Prime Days over the years. I jot down the date and then forget about it. Or, I get an update from Amazon after all of the good stuff is gone.


So, get on the list, and we’ll send you a reminder starting three days in advance. We’ll follow up daily (3-2-1) and will also be sharing links to some of the hottest Amazon Prime Day deals.


What we won’t do is bug you incessantly. I have 7,000 emails sitting in my Gmail account, so I get it. We’ll send you the Amazon Prime Day reminders and…

What Does it Mean to be On the List?

When you get on the list for the Amazon Prime Day event, you’re also on the list for OTL Seat Filling updates. After all, OTL stands for “On the List,” so you get the gist.


While we only send the occasional email, you’ll be first to know when seat fillers are returning, which also should be sometime in June.


I know. I’m a bit vague. But that’s because seat fillers can only fill seats when they’re available. And, shows and events are just starting to open their doors again.


We’re polling event promoters across the US and London and will slowly reopen based on their responses. If you ask, “when is Amazon Prime Day?” the answer is June 21 and 22. But we just can’t be that definitive with OTL Seat Filling.

Tip: Deals roll out early… The Insignia Smart TV on the left retails for $169. But, on June 2nd, it was just $99.99 for Amazon Prime Members.

Have you heard about OTL Guide Me at Home?


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Why Would You Want to Know When OTL Seat Fillers Return?

There are plenty of blog posts that’ll fill you in on OTL Seat Filling and all of the fun benefits of being a secret seat filling VIP.


Basically, though, you’ll find the information handy because the community seat filling concept is awesome!


OTL Seat Fillers:

  • Receive free tickets
  • Treat their guests
  • Are introduced to all kinds of new local shows, events, and activities
  • Pay about the price of one movie ticket for a month of seat filling (two seats per show!)

Let’s Revisit June 2021


Question: When is Amazon Prime Day?

Answer: June 21 and 22, 2021


Question: When are OTL Seat Fillers returning?

Answer: Hopefully, sometime in June 2021


Question: Can you remind me about both?

Answer: Absolutely. Add your email to our list, and you’re “on the list!”

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