Coronavirus Around the World – Hong Kong

Coronavirus in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, life in Hong Kong

From South Korea to Hong Kong… As it’s not easy to find a job in South Korea during this pandemic, I decided to come back to Hong Kong in late March. Airlines were still flying, but only around two direct flights per week, and the price doubled.

As we arrived in Hong Kong, we had to put on a belt, allowing the government to track us during the quarantine. Unlike in South Korea, on my way from the airport to home, I saw that everyone was wearing a mask. Everyone!

Coronavirus Around the World – India

Taj Mahal India, Coronavirus in India

Being an independent journalist, I am fortunate, or maybe unfortunate, enough to witness this pandemic so closely. To file my reports on an everyday basis, I have to leave home with a mask and a pair of gloves. I reach out to people, health care professionals, administrators, and police officers for their feedback on this grim situation.

As you may know, India’s Coronavirus graph is also on the ascending side…

Coronavirus Around the World – Germany

Bavaria Germany, Coronavirus Germany, COVD-19 Germany

My name is Vanshika, and I live in the Allgäu. Like a lot of other people around the world, the town where I live has been affected by the Coronavirus. This is my side of the story.

The waves of the COVID-19 pandemic haven’t left a single person untouched. During this global crisis, I doubt there’s anyone around who cannot empathize with the other seven billion people on this planet. Our circumstances may differ, but our concerns are the same, as are our hesitations. Living in the Bavarian countryside, I have had my share of experiences and worries.

Coronavirus Around the World – Australia

Coronavirus Australia, COVID Australia, Australia

In this blog post, Roshan takes you on his personal journey through the Coronavirus in Australia. He’s an international student on a visa, as well as a restaurant employee in Sydney. So, both of his worlds have been rocked by the restrictions that he knows are necessary to beat the odds.

Coronavirus Around the World – Italy

Coronavirus in Italy, Milan

‘It’s The End Of The World As We Know It, And I (Don’t) Feel Fine’
by Alessia, from Italy

In my dreams, I usually visit foreign lands, embark on great adventures, or sometimes meet my favorite celebrities. They’re good times where I can escape reality for a few hours.

Last night, I dreamt that I was walking through the empty aisles of a supermarket. The only moment I felt happy was when I realized the shelves weren’t bare, and everything I needed to survive was on sale…

Coronavirus Around the World – South Korea

coronavirus in south korea, south korea covid-19 response

Can you imagine what it would be like to be a young girl from Hong Kong, staying in South Korea during the Coronavirus crisis? Josette takes you into her world through her account of Coronavirus in South Korea. She expected to study, work, and learn more about the country’s culture. But instead, most of her time is spent inside and practicing social distancing. Read on to hear about her journey, and how South Korea is keeping its residents updated every time a new case emerges.

Coronavirus Around the World – France

social distancing france, coronavirus france

This story really hits home personally. It’s by a young writer/student named Soha Sherwani. Her family moved from the US to France about a year ago. So, she’s able to compare the way that each country has been handling the lockdown and Coronavirus crisis. Soha shares some interesting stories about airplanes looking for social distancing violators, and a cautionary tale about food delivery protection.

Coronavirus Around the World – Mexico

Coronavirus in Mexico, COVID in Mexico

The news from all around the world is telling us how lethal this virus is, with people from all countries taking precautions. Every person knows the measures we have to take and how important it is to do as much as possible to help each other. And of course, here in Mexico, we’re not the exception.

In the beginning, the only thing that changed was that the schools closed. Even when we heard a lot of information and news about it, we didn’t take it seriously. Almost everyone continued their normal activities as it was.

Coronavirus Around the World – Sweden

Coronavirus in Sweden, COVID-19 Sweden

Hi, my name is Svante, and I live in Sweden. In this post, I will write about the way that the Corona pandemic has affected me personally. I’m also touching on how it has changed my family and Sweden as a whole.

As a lot of you readers probably already know Sweden has had a bit of a different response to the Corona pandemic which has sparked international controversy.

Coronavirus Around the World – Canada

Coronavirus in Canada, social distancing in Canada, Coronavirus in Toronto

Living in Canada in the time of the Coronavirus… Right now, I feel like I’m living in some sort of bad movie. I’m sure many other people are feeling the same. It’s like we just woke up one day and everything in the world has changed. Suddenly nothing is certain anymore. And the scariest part? In the midst of it all, I have a newborn baby.

Coronavirus Around the World – Nigeria

Nigeria, Coronavirus lockdown in Nigeria, Coronavirus in Nigeria

I am Chijioke Chukwuekem, a Pharmacist practicing in Nigeria. I work at an out-patient clinic where we handle mostly geriatric patients with non-communicable diseases like hypertension and diabetes. Life was going on normally until around the first week of March 2020 when my country recorded its first case of COVID-19, and since then, the number of cases has been on the increase.

Coronavirus Around the World – UK

Coronavirus UK, how coronavirus has affected London, Coronavirus affects on the UK

Hello there, my name is Rob, and I reside in a town called Stafford in England. I am a postman by trade, and like everybody else, at the moment, I’m living in a world dominated by COVID-19 or Coronavirus as everybody seems to know it as these days.

In the UK, as we speak, we are approaching (hopefully) the peak of the pandemic, but things have changed dramatically from the way we were living even just four weeks ago.

Coronavirus Around the World – Pakistan

Pakistan, Coronavirus in Pakistan

Chaos, a word I knew the literal meaning of but never knew it could become an entity in existence. I live in Lahore, the heart of Pakistan, as they say, and enjoy a somewhat privileged life, but the piece is not about me, it’s about life that is suffering, and I get to see that every day when I look outside my window.