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OTL City Guides – Things to Do, Eat, and Learn – and sister to the unique OTL Seat Fillers service

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Welcome to OTL City Guides!

We leave the comments, negativity, and biased reviews to social media and shopping sites. Instead, OTL City Guides provides resources and suggestions for Things to Do, Things to Eat, and Things to Learn. Then, YOU decide.

However, even though we don’t facilitate comments, we still welcome participation in the form of blog posts, videos, business announcements, discounts, and other special features. Click the contribution button to submit your information for posting.


things to eat – restaurant recommendations, recipes, more!

otl city guides

things to learn – projects, classes, cooking, etc.



Frequently Asked Questions About OTL City Guides

What Are OTL City Guides?

OTL City Guides is the sister site of OTL Seat Fillers. Whereas events are top secret for seat fillers only on OTLSeatFillers.com, OTL City Guides provides information on Things to Do, Things to Eat, and Things to Learn for everyone.

Why Is OTL City Guides Different From Other Resources?

There are plenty of online resources for anything and everything you’d want, including events, restaurants, and blogs. However, two things make OTL City Guides different.
1. OTL City Guides doesn’t allow for reviews and feedback. It steers clear of negativity and opinions and focuses on quality information, so you can decide for yourself.
2. Even though there aren’t comments, OTL encourages participation and publishes information by and for its readers. So, if you have a blog post, a restaurant opening, a discount to offer, a season schedule, etc., you can submit it for free publication.

I Noticed That Some of the Information on OTL City Guides Focuses on Certain Cities. Why?

Even though there are plenty of resources for everyone, regardless of where you live in the US and UK, the OTL City Guides align with OTL Seat Fillers. That means it focuses on the most prominent seat filling locations (Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, London, San Francisco, South Florida, and Tampa Bay). As seat filling expands, OTL City Guides follow suit. However, you’ll still find national events calendars, recipes, and things to learn for all!

How Can I Contribute Information to OTL City Guides?

It’s easy! If you have a blog post, discount, calendar, or other information you feel would be beneficial to OTL City Guides readers, simply use OTL’s submission form. If you want to add an event to a local or national events calendar, there’s a “submit” button at the top of each calendar. Although there are paid options for events, look to the right for free event submission.

I Know OTL City Guides Are Associated with OTL Seat Fillers. But, What IS OTL Seat Fillers?

OTL Seat Fillers is a unique local seat filling service in the US and in London. It’s private and free seat filling for local shows, events, and activities. And, OTL Seat Fillers is a club open to everyone who wants to join, whereby members pay low monthly dues for the opportunity to reserve free pairs of tickets to theatre, comedy, music, sports, and more.