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The City Guides for Locals are powered by the OTL Seat Filler-Free Tickets Club with members and entertainment partners in 16 cities. While the city-specific information is geared toward those 15 U.S. locations and London (UK), the City Guides also have plenty of information for all users, regardless of address.

Going "Old School"

Our goal is to provide current and relevant information in a "positive" environment. Aside from some sports discussion areas that will launch in 2020, we're not hosting open forums. There are plenty of other review and comment-based sites, including social media, so we don't need to add to the mix.

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Instead, we're steering clear of negative comments and strong opinion pieces. We want to be a safe space - a daily resource and go-to for dining information, event calendars, gift suggestions, and other lifestyle tips and tricks, where you're not bombarded with everyone else's opinions. We're going to be moving forward with directories, calendars, and new finds that we hope will be helpful to you as you go about your day!

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Part of our reasoning for hosting these helpful guides is to introduce people to our OTL membership clubs. As "seat fillers" isn't typically something you'd type into Google, we needed another way to showcase our fun and innovative seat filler-free ticket clubs. If you love theatre, music, comedy, and more, why not be a seat filler? You receive two or four tickets per show, depending on the membership you choose. Enjoy, get out and be entertained, and know that you can cancel anytime. Easy peasy!

Current OTL Club Locations

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Boston - New England

Christmas in Boston

You are going to need plenty of energy to get the best of Christmas in Boston. There is no shortage of festivities at this time of the year.



Chicago Holiday Events

There are five events in particular that you do not want to miss out on this Christmas in Chicago. It's once a year, so make some memories...


Best Christmas Events in Denver

Denver has got a sleigh-full of incredible holiday events coming at you, my friends. From old-school traditions to new favorites, there is no shortage of ways to celebrate the season. So, to get you into the holiday spirit, we've got the best Christmas events and shows in Denver this year.


The Best London Christmas Shows and Pantos in 2019

Being in and around London is great, especially at Christmas time, as there are lots and lots of Christmas related shows and pantomimes. Here we take a look at some of the best that are around in the capital during the 2019 London Christmas period.


Nashville Christmas Shows and Events

Light up the Christmas tree and get in the holiday spirit with the best Nashville Christmas shows and events scheduled for this year and running into 2020.




San Francisco

San Francisco Holiday Events

It’s time to set up the Christmas tree and get in the holiday spirit with the best Christmas and holiday events and shows in San Francisco this year.


South Florida

St. Louis

Best Kombucha in St Louis

Best Kombucha in St Louis Try St. Louis Missouri’s Own Best Kombucha St. Louis, Missouri, is the...

Tampa Bay

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