Ticket Sales – And More!

OTL Offers Four Ticket Sales and Event Marketing Services – and They’re All Free!

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OTL City Guides Ticket Sales
and other Free Event Marketing Opportunities

OTL Seat Fillers

Seat Filling isn’t just for awards shows anymore.

Whether you have four or 44 open spots, you’ll benefit by adding OTL Seat Fillers to your event marketing toolbox. It’s a free, private, and easy way to add to your audience, increase food and beverage sales, and introduce new patrons to your awesome show, event, or activity!

You provide the comps. OTL privately posts the opportunity for seat fillers and compiles a reservation list. You issue the tickets. Easy peasy!

Ticket Sales – OTL City Guides Tickets

Full-Service Mobile Touchless Ticketing

Sell, Send via email or text, and you can even use the app to Scan on-site!

Whether you’re marketing a small, intimate gathering, a massive reserved seating stadium, or providing free tickets with a donation option, you now have a full-service platform ready to go.

OTL City Guides Tickets is currently in 10 major US markets (Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Orlando, San Francisco, Seattle, South Florida, and Tampa Bay). But you can use the service regardless of location as it provides you with a custom, standalone ticket sales page.

It’s customizable and free to use. Plus, it provides real-time reporting, an app to scan tickets on-site, and everything else you need for a successful ticket sales program.

Build your custom event and ticket sales page and then you have a dedicated URL to share with customers and potential customers through emails, advertising, and social media.

Local and National Event Calendars

Not only has OTL teamed up with event giant, Evvnt, for OTL City Guides Tickets, and ticket sales. But the OTL City Guides host local and national event calendars powered by Evvnt.

US and UK calendars are available. Post your own event any time.

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Content Marketing

We love to share quality content on OTL City Guides. So, if you have some *evergreen (or *semi-evergreen) content, send it our way for publication.

You can provide blog posts, season schedules, venue information, videos, etc.

*Evergreen or semi-evergreen content is long-lasting. It’s information that’ll be accurate for at least a year. That way, there will be plenty of time for Google and other search engines to find and promote you as well.