Your Ticket to the Tampa Multicultural Festival 2021

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Your Ticket to the Tampa Multicultural Festival 2021 Are you a performer? Do you want to be a volunteer? Or, are you interested in getting off the computer and out into the world? Here at OTL City Guides, we’re all about things to do, and we’ve got another one for you if you live in … Read more

The Best Things to Do in the UK – Updated Daily

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Best Things to Do in the UK – Today, Tomorrow, and Every Day! Powered by Evvnt Find an event – Post an event Start Here for the Best Things To Do in the UK Our events calendar powered by Evvnt is just one source for the best things to do in the UK. OTL is … Read more

Events Near Me This Week, Next Week, and Beyond

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  Events Near Me This Week (and Beyond!) Powered by Evvnt Find an event – Post an event   Are You Searching for Events? We’ve got you covered. And, not just with events near me this week, but next week, next month, and you get the gist. Our events calendar powered by Evvnt is just … Read more

The Ticketing Tools for Chicago Events You Want

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Be More Successful with Free Chicago Ticketing Tools By Lu, OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers Yes, I’m here to introduce you to new ticketing tools for Chicago area events (hey, you can even extend that to anywhere in Illinois!). However, I’m happy to say that I’m not here to sell you anything (which is … Read more

Voting in the US – A State by State Guide

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Voting in the US Our original Voting in the US page was designed to provide state-by-state information for the 2020 election. But the highly organized, detail-oriented folks at provide such a plethora of information, that we thought it would be handy to share the basics of voting in the US. So, we’ve got an … Read more

Where Are the Best Chicago Wineries Tasting and Tours?

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Let’s Sample the Best Chicago Wineries Tasting, Tours, and Tips Usually, when people think about things to do in Chicago, they default to events, activities, and restaurants. You know the Windy City has plenty to boast about in the food department, and we love to cover it all. But, while there are lots of options … Read more

Sweet Dreams in Chicago for Halloween

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Chicago for Halloween with Freddy, Jason, and More October 1 – 31, 2021 This fanciful nightmare comes to life and is a creepy fragment of a macabre world where 20 classic horror movies all collide! From Elm Street to Silent Hill and from Killer Klowns to Zombie Land…this vibrant collusion of fun and fright will … Read more

Brunch in Orlando – Hearty Food and Great Views

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Grab an Outdoor Table and Order a Cocktail at Brunch in Orlando Yes, Orlando has that big Disney beacon shining brightly, beckoning visitors from all over the world. But, like Las Vegas, Orlando is for locals, too. And, hey, everyone has to eat. So, we’ve put together five top spots for brunch in Orlando, geared … Read more

New Boston Ticketing Tools – Mobile and Touchless!

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Boston Ticketing Tools for Our New World By Lu, OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers Yes, I’m here to introduce you to new Boston ticketing tools. But…. I’m not here to sell you anything (whew!).  Our new, top-notch touchless, ticketless approach to Boston ticketing for shows, events, fundraisers, classes, and activities doesn’t cost you anything … Read more

Ticketing for Less? We’ll Go You One Better!

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Ticketing for Less is Now Ticketing for Free By Lu, OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers So, Instead of waiting until the end for a big finish, I’m going to come out swinging with some good news about ticketing for less. With OTL Seat Fillers’ new joint ticketing venture with Evvnt creating OTL City Guides … Read more

It’s Here! Portable Touchless Ticketing for Austin Events

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Modern, Portable Touchless Ticketing for Austin Events – Oh Yeah! By Lu, OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers I’m not a salesperson and I don’t want to be either. So, I’m grateful that, through OTL, I get to introduce all kinds of free services. And, now, we’ve got incredible new touchless, ticketless mobile event ticketing … Read more

Mobile Touchless Ticketing Tools for Atlanta Events

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The Mobile Touchless Ticketing Tools for Atlanta Events You’ve Been Waiting For By Lu, OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers Even though I’m introducing a new service, I’m not here to sell you anything. Instead, I get to share a fantastic new touchless, ticketless approach to Atlanta event ticketing, and there’s no charge to use … Read more

Cutting Edge Ticketing Tools – Sell, Send, and Scan!

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OTL City Guides Tickets – Cutting Edge Ticketing Tools Sell * Send * Scan By Lu, OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers For more than seven years now, our little family and friend group at OTL Seat Fillers has done our best to quietly share the secret of seat filling. I say “quietly” as the … Read more

5 Amazing Seat Filler Benefits

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We’re Excited to Share 5 Amazing Seat Filler Benefits! (even though there are plenty more on Tired of asking..“What should we do this weekend?Can we go somewhere?What do you want to do tonight?” Annoyed by hearing..“I’m bored. There’s nothing to do. I want to get out of the house.” Fill up your nights by filling up … Read more

San Francisco Brunch with French Toast Bread Pudding?

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San Francisco Brunch is All You Need This Weekend What’s Sunday without waking up late, putting on casual attire, and heading to a lazy but satisfying breakfast-lunch combo? A fulfilling brunch in a warm and relaxing spot is the best start to a day. San Francisco is the place to be for the broadest range … Read more

Movies & Shows – Are Theaters Opening Near Me?

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Can You Tell Me About Theaters Opening Near Me? The following was originally published on However, I thought that OTL City Guides readers would appreciate the information as well. So, I’ve taken it a step further by adding a list of some of the 2021 theater reopenings to give you an idea of how … Read more