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    *Note: your event doesn't need to be in one of the 10 locations to use the service. The 10 cities indicate the local marketplaces. However, anyone in any US location has access to the free ticketing portals to build custom ticket sales pages.

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    A New Way to Sell Tickets in Our New World

    Unless you live on a remote, uninhabited island, you’re hit over the head with the term social distancing. Our world has changed, and all of us are adapting.

    But these lifestyle adjustments require out-of-the-box thinking and planning, and that’s particularly true with arts and entertainment. Seating arrangements and concessions are handled differently, and paper tickets are now almost obsolete.

    No Budget Ticket Sales

    What do you do, though, if you’re a small venue or you’re promoting a show or activity with a limited budget or even no budget?

    Fortunately, there are services that you can take advantage of to make the tasks a bit more manageable, anyway. While we at OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers don’t have the inside scoop on touchless concessions or a fast and easy way to sanitize the theatre, we do have a few services that might fit the bill.

    Ticketing and Seat Filling, Too!

    For years, OTL has been focused on seat filling. That means we’ve been supporting the arts and entertainment communities by privately helping to fill seats. And, while priority one is to sell tickets, you might find that last-minute seat filling is a great way to round out your audience. Even a few more attendees add to your food and beverage income, your marketing list, and seat fillers tend to become regular patrons.

    So, keep OTL Seat Fillers in your event marketing toolbox, as it’s a free and private service.

    But we’re here talking about selling tickets, so we’ve got another opportunity through our partnership with Evvnt. We’re launched OTL City Guides Tickets, modern ticket sales portals in 10 US locations.

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    Why Use OTL City Guides Tickets to Sell Tickets?

    Hey, we know that you’ve got options. There are Brown Paper Tickets or Eventbrite, as well as other local ticketing sites. But, we’ve been talking about how to sell tickets in our new world, and that’s where OTL City Guides Tickets shines.

    This new ticketing system goes beyond regular ticket sales with a three-part process.

    1.  Sell Tickets – through your own custom ticket sales page. You’ll have a dedicated URL and can design your page to fit your brand, and it’ll only take you about 10 minutes. Plus, you can then turn your web page into a QR code for remote access and one-click purchases.

    2. Send Tickets – many ticketing portals email virtual tickets to customers. But, OTL City Guides Tickets allows you to choose how to send them. You can email or text your “ticketless” access to your customers.

    3. Scan Tickets – here’s where we really shine because we go beyond touchless ticket sales with touchless ticket taking. You can download the Evvnt app to smartphones or tablets. Then, your ushers or ticket takers can scan those e-tickets, providing you with better reporting as well as a mobile box office.

    Other Ticket Sales Benefits

    The sell-send-scan service is the highlight of OTL City Guides Tickets. However, when you sell tickets, you want to keep track of every little detail, and that’s where we come in, once again.

    Your new go-to ticketing portal also includes the following:

    • Real-time reporting
    • Email your customers from your private ticketing dashboard
    • Download a list of ticket buyers
    • Connect to social media
    • Send an automated event reminder
    • Easily facilitate refunds or exchanges
    • Download a website widget customized with your events to add to your main webpage
    • Issue comp tickets
    • Add a donations option
    • Promote virtual or free events
    • Customize your sales process with registration questions (capture details important to you)

    Sell Tickets Locally (or Not)

    Plus, unlike other ticket sales providers, OTL City Guides Tickets is regional.

    For example, if you have a San Francisco-based event, you have OTL City Guides Tickets San Francisco as your dedicated portal. However, you don’t have to be right in San Francisco. You can use the portal regardless of location – it just makes it easier for San Francisco buyers to find San Francisco area events.

    But if your marketing focuses on your specific ticket sales URL (or QR code), then location doesn’t matter.

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    A Few Best Practices for Selling Tickets

    As you build your custom web page through OTL City Guides Tickets, imagine the possibilities.

    You can use the URL in your marketing. That means ticket buyers go directly to your page. But we’ve had some innovative ticket sellers use the system in clever ways that you might not have thought about before.

    For example, an outdoor yoga class promoter put the QR code on a sign at the entrance to the class. Attendees pulled out their smartphones, scanned the code, paid for admission, and were good to go.

    One staff member was on hand to help with questions. Plus, she scanned them in with the Evvnt app, providing accurate ticket sales and attendance tracking. It’s like having an entire box office in the palm of your hand.

    Mobile Box Office

    OTL City Guides Tickets doesn’t charge ticket sellers directly. The low fees are added to the ticket’s cost and passed along to the buyers, which isn’t unheard of in the world of online ticketing.

    Also, keep in mind that all of the services (texting tickets, event widgets, reporting, scanning, etc.) are all included. So, you get a free box office, accounting, and ticket-taking system all in one.

    How to Get Started Selling Tickets Now

    It couldn’t be easier to sell tickets with OTL City Guides Tickets. All you have to do is fill out the form above. We’ll quickly set you up with your custom login and send you a few tips and tricks. But, you’ll take it from there, building a sales page that reflects your brand.

    We won’t leave you hanging either. We’ve got how-tos, videos, and Evvnt support specialists standing by to help!