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OTL City Guides Tickets

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What is OTL City Guides Tickets?


You might already know us by our unique seat filler clubs across the United States and in London. OTL Seat Fillers has been partnering with and supporting arts and entertainment communities for more than seven years.


We recognize that seat filling is a handy last-minute marketing tool for promoters. But we’ve also heard time and again, that selling tickets is priority one. So, it only makes sense to partner with industry giant, Evvnt, on a ticket sales platform.


Now, we can shine a spotlight on events and activities through OTL City Guides Tickets as well as maintain secrecy for our seat filling partners.


Tickets for All Kinds of Things to Do

If you live in one of our OTL City Guides Tickets cities, you’ll have plenty of things to do and a quick and easy way to buy tickets right from your comfy couch or on the go.


OTL City Guides Tickets are updated daily, so bookmark the page, check in often, and scoop up those tickets while they last! You’ll be amazed at what’s happening in your hometown. We bet that there are dozens of things going on every week that you were even aware of – but you will be now!


Buy Tickets for Some Events and Stretch Your Entertainment Budget as a Seat Filler for Others

And, if you want to add to your entertainment and social calendar, check out OTL Seat Fillers.


You never know what’s coming up as a local seat filler. However, it’s incredibly fun to see what pops up and make reservations knowing that you’re always on the comp list through the unique free tickets club.