Local Submissions to OTL City Guides

Local Submissions to OTL City Guides

Submit Blogs, Season Schedules, Discount Opportunities, Restaurant Openings, Videos, etc. for Posting on OTLCityGuides.com

Please note: This form is for OTLCityGuides.com submissions only. If you have questions about OTL Seat Fillers, please use the seat filling contact form.

Evergreen or Semi-Evergreen Content Only (all info must be accurate for at least six months – no last-minute events or opportunities accepted)




    Attach any files - blogs, schedules, etc. (for videos, please paste video link above and be sure to include a few paragraphs of accompanying information)


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    Again, please be sure that your submission isn't time-sensitive. We can only post blogs, videos, season schedules, etc. with information that's accurate for at least the next six months. We'll confirm receipt and keep you posted from our end.


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