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Local Events and Things to Do

OTL City Guides Has You Covered with Event Calendars, Ticket Sales, and Seat Filling!

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1. Local Events on the Community Calendars Powered by Evvnt

However, you can also bookmark community calendars for local events or the national calendars for the US and UK. Some events are free, while others will lead you to the ticket sales page. But, in any case, you’ll always know what’s happening.

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2. OTL Seat Fillers

There’s a second option as well, though. You might not even be aware. But if you live in the United States or England, you can be a local seat filler through OTL Seat Fillers. It’s a unique concept that we’ve nicknamed a free tickets club. That’s because you pay monthly membership dues (some cities are only 3.65 a month) and reserve free pairs of tickets when something pops up in your area.

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3. Buy Tickets Through OTL City Guides Tickets – COMING SOON

OTL is all about local events, fun things to do, and supporting the arts and entertainment community. And, you’re not just limited to one resource. You might think that buying tickets is the only way to go. And, yes, we have OTL City Guides Tickets where you can take advantage of all kinds of shows, events, and activities in 10 cities across the US.

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OTL Seat Fillers – Free Pairs of Tickets to Local Events

OTL Seat Fillers is one of the most FUN clubs you’ll ever come across!

Seat Fillers LOVE when something new pops up out of the blue. And the icing on the cake is the option to reserve free pairs of tickets for them. Tickets could be worth 50.00 or even 100.00 each, but OTL Seat Fillers never pay for any tickets. Everything is covered by the low, low, low membership dues.

We love the concept, and our members love the concept. But don’t confuse OTL Seat Fillers with OTL City Guides Tickets or the events on the community calendars. They’re all separate services. Seat filling is an ideal way to supplement your entertainment budget, but it might not be enough to satisfy your desire for things to do every day.

OTL City Guides Tickets

A Member of the Evvnt Ticketing Network Across the US

OTL City Guides Tickets is now open to event promoters who want to sell tickets or need a distribution platform for free tickets. It will eventually be a ticketing marketplace for buyers. But, for now, sellers create their own dedicated ticket sales page backed by a free and full-service provider.