Here’s How to Find the Best Festivals in Austin

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Here’s How to Find the Best Festivals in Austin This Weekend… And Beyond! Austin has plenty to offer, including music, theater, comedy, and plenty of things to do like fairs and festivals. In fact, our Austin events calendar has an entire section devoted to the best festivals in Austin this weekend. The festival scene offers … Read more

How Do I Get Started with River Rafting Near Me?

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River Rafting Near Me? Here at OTL, we know about shows, events, and other things to do. But, outdoor activities? Not so much. So, we consulted an adventure-seeking expert to put together this guide to “river rafting near me.” You go all-in with friends or keep it tame and float along with your family. However … Read more

Need Some Suggestions for Golfing in Austin Texas?

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The Best Golfing in Austin Throughout the City When it comes to the best shows, events, and activities across the US and London, OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers has you covered. But, the best golfing in Austin Texas is a different story. So, we consulted Steve, a golf enthusiast, to share his views on … Read more

A Hollow Called Hippie and a Park with Peacocks

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In the beautiful Hill Country, just outside of Austin, Texas, lies a hidden treasure of a different ilk. Hippie Hollow By Mary Lou, OTL Seat Fillers Hippie Hollow the clothing-optional (yes, Mildred, clothing optional) swimmin’ hole of a nudist’s dream is a mere half-hour from downtown Austin. This is a beach for adults. There will be … Read more

Delightful Finds in Round Rock

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Just a Few Miles Outside of Austin are Delightful Finds in Round Rock by Mary Lou F. Note: This article was originally posted on the OTL Austin Seat Filler site at maps show it as 32 miles from the center of Austin, but it’s less than 20 minutes away from Austin hot spots like The … Read more

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