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Baby Steps to Start Going Green

A going green journey can start with baby steps. If you’re not sure where to start, then we’ve got six tips that anyone can follow to make a positive impact on our environment. You may even discover a new hobby along the way.

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Voting in the US – A State by State Guide

Am I registered to vote? Can I vote by mail? Where do I vote? When is early voting? I’m almost 18, put me on a list. Here’s everything you need for voting in the US in 2020 – a state by state guide courtesy of

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Freebies to Kick Off July 2020

Our little family and friend team that’s behind OTL is all about stretching a budget, and freebies are even better. The seat fillers club gets members free tickets and things to do each month for less than one movie ticket. We’re all about discovering hidden gems that enrich our lives, without having to take out a loan to enjoy them. So, we’ve launched a variety of directories that are free to access and open for free postings. These aren’t private seat fillers opportunities; they’re for everyone…

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Breaking News about Seat Fillers

Seat fillers are now everywhere and they now have different roles.

Like restaurants that have switched gears to delivery-only, and instruction that’s moved from classrooms to virtual classrooms, the OTL Seat Fillers club is evolving as well.

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US Voting Reminders

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State-by-state Voting Info

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Event Calendars – US & UK

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All Kinds of Freebies

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Highly Rated

Unique & Free Local Marketing

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OTL Seat Fillers

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Special Opportunities

A Better Life

The Gift of “Things to Do”

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