How to Find the Best Atlanta Festivals This Weekend

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Here’s How to Find Atlanta Festivals This Weekend… And Beyond! There’s no shortage of things to do in Atlanta. Our 2022 Atlanta events calendar has an entire section dedicated to Atlanta festivals this weekend. From music festivals to foodie fests, there’s something for everyone.   Here’s a quick rundown of what’s going down in 2022. … Read more

How Do I Get Started with River Rafting Near Me?

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River Rafting Near Me? Here at OTL, we know about shows, events, and other things to do. But, outdoor activities? Not so much. So, we consulted an adventure-seeking expert to put together this guide to “river rafting near me.” You go all-in with friends or keep it tame and float along with your family. However … Read more

Time Traveling is Possible at Starlight Drive-In in Atlanta

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Time Travel to the Starlight Drive-In in Atlanta In the era of the COVID pandemic, many indoor theaters (both large and small) across the US have temporarily (or even permanently closed). This heartbreaking loss of film culture is unfortunate. Still, one positive side effect is the dramatically renewed interest in drive-in theaters because it allows … Read more

Five Fun and Free Things to Do in Atlanta

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Put Your Money Away – Here are Five Fun and Free Things to Do in Atlanta!  Are you looking to get out and have fun without spending money? Some of these places attract tourists, but why not take advantage of the best of the best in your own hometown. If you’re looking for a unique experience … Read more

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