Need Some Suggestions for Golfing in Austin Texas?

The Best Golfing in Austin Throughout the City

When it comes to the best shows, events, and activities across the US and London, OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers has you covered. But, the best golfing in Austin Texas is a different story. So, we consulted Steve, a golf enthusiast, to share his views on the top three places for golfing in the Austin area.

But, you might be aware that we love to provide lists and plenty of options. So, we’re also following Steve’s opinions with a list of 10 Austin golf courses to accommodate everyone’s preferences.

You’re Not Tied to a Calendar with Golfing in Austin TX

Texas arguably produces some of the best golfers in the country with alumni like Jordan Spieth, Byron Nelson, and even Ben Hogan himself.

With the history that the state has, it’s easy to imagine that the courses in the area are outstanding. If you wonder when is the best time of the year for golfing in Austin Texas, or where to play, then you are in the perfect place!

Rethink the Summer for Golfing in Austin Texas

First off, as you may already know, Texas can get extremely hot during the summer months. While this might be when you have more time to play golf, it is not necessarily the best time of the year to do so. With Austin’s comparatively warm weather, you can really get out there almost all year round!

For this reason, I suggest playing the most golf during the fall or winter when it’s a bit cooler outside rather than being beaten down in the hot sun during the summer months. If you decide to play in the summer, I highly recommend doing so either in the early morning or late in the evening, just before the sun goes down. This will help you stay cool as best you can and avoid the high heat of summer.

Fazio Canyons Austin, Austin TX golf, golfing at Fazio Canyons Austin

Recent Renovations at this Austin Course

As for where to golf in Austin, my first pick is Fazio Canyons. Fazio is one of the most beautiful golf courses in Texas, let alone Austin itself.

It also makes it a great option because it was newly renovated back in 2018, giving it a brand new look. This renovation helped the course and the resort itself if you are looking for a fun getaway.

Fazio Canyons

18 Holes, Par 72

Palmer Lakeside Austin, Austin Texas golfing at Palmer Lakeside

Don’t Let the Size Fool You With Golfing in Austin Texas

Up next on our list, I include Palmer Lakeside. This one is actually part of a family of four other courses in the area (including Fazio Canyons).

Palmer is breathtaking, with the water scattered throughout. And, the fact that it sits on a hilltop gives you a great view of the surrounding area.

Now, Palmer is only 6,400 yards long, even from the back tees. So, the course is comparatively quite small. But don’t be fooled by its size. It’ll undoubtedly trick you with the amount of skill required to perform well on this course.

Palmer Lakeside

18 Holes, Par 71

Onion Creek Golf Austin, PGA tour Austin, PGA Onion Creek in Austin Texas

Ties to the U.S. Open

Last but not least, I’m including the Onion Creek Club. It’s tucked away in the woods, away from the bustle of Austin.

Onion Creek is so great that famous golfer Ben Crenshaw added nine holes after playing there himself.

The Onion Creek course is home to the southern qualifying site for the U.S. Open each year, further proof of how amazing it is. It might be appealing, but it’s also one of the most challenging in the area.

Onion Creek

27 Holes, Par 70

I hope you enjoyed this article about golfing in Austin Texas. If you haven’t dragged your clubs out in a while, maybe you’re inspired?

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Guiding You to Golfing in Austin and…

Unless you live and breathe golf 24/7, you’re probably on the lookout for other things to do in the Austin area.

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