About OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers

About OTL

OTL is a family and friend-run concept that combines unique local seat filling with a go-to site for Things to Do, Things to Eat, and Things to Learn. It’s a positive resource, free of comments and reviews. You decide for yourself. And, if you want to know more about OTL City Guides and Seat Fillers, you’re in the right place!

OTL City Guides

The OTL City Guides (https://otlcityguides.com) launched in 2020 and is the sister site of OTL Seat Fillers (https://otlseatfillers.com), now in its 8th year of local seat filling.

Whereas OTL Seat Fillers is very hush-hush because OTL can’t publicize the name of any entertainment partner, OTL City Guides is the opposite. We get to have fun promoting the OTL brand by providing information that we feel is helpful to everyone looking for restaurant ideas, entertainment, and so much more.

Things to Do, Eat, and Learn

It’s a public place for Things to Do, Things to Eat, and Things to Learn. While there’s information for everyone in the US and UK, the spotlight cities align with OTL’s seat filling cities. For example, Atlanta is a Preferred seat filler location, so we have an entire Atlanta hub of information on OTLCityGuides.com.

The City Guides feature national and local event calendars that update hourly, restaurant recommendations, ideas for stuff to do when you’re bored, recipes, places to go, gifts to buy, and more!

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Why Are OTL City Guides Different?

Now, you might wonder if there’s something about OTL City Guides that’s different from other local resources. And the answer is yes.

Here’s our mission statement:

We leave the comments, negativity, and biased reviews to social media and shopping sites. Instead, our City Guides provide resources and suggestions for Things to Do, Things to Eat, and Things to Learn. Then, YOU decide.

However, even though we don’t facilitate comments, we still welcome participation in the form of blog posts, videos, business announcements, discounts, and other special features. Click the contribution button to submit your information for posting.

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About OTL Seat Fillers

OTL Seat Fillers is a win-win service for live entertainment enthusiasts and live entertainment promoters.

What started as Worldwide Seats in 2013 was and still is a family-run membership club in the US and London.

Along with SeatStir, OTL was initially a licensee of Fillaseat, one of three Las Vegas-based seat filler services. But OTL and SeatStir realized that there are no other seat filler cities quite like Sin City, so the model didn’t work as planned.

Las Vegas

Different Than Las Vegas Seat Filling

We label OTL as local seat filling. It supports community shows, events, and activities like music, theatre, comedy, and sports by providing private and free seat filling. But opportunities for members tend to be more one-offs.

In Las Vegas, seat filler clubs can post one event held every Wednesday, for example, or even 365 days a year. But the locations OTL covers don’t have those “every day – every week” types of opportunities.

That means that OTL seat fillers don’t have a shopping site like Las Vegas seat fillers. However, they have more of a variety. They’re always looking at something different in the members-only area instead of the same show month after month.

Three Things About Local Seat Fillers

If we had to narrow our list to the three most important things we want everyone to know about OTL, they would be as follows

1. OTL is a seat filling service. It’s not a ticket broker. Seat Fillers may not have a shopping site, but they also don’t pay for tickets. Oh, and guest tickets are free, too!

2. We value our entertainment partners and want them to succeed. So, event promoters never pay for the seat filling service except for providing comp tickets. And, OTL never publicizes the names of its partners, so regular ticket sales aren’t impacted.

3. OTL is a family-run seat fillers club and not a business. We have to establish some rules to ensure everyone benefits from the opportunities. But we value member participation and evolve the concept to improve it continuously. If anyone needs assistance or has questions, Mark stays on top of promoter and member services, so you’re emailing a real person and not receiving canned responses.

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The Team

Our little team likes to stay behind the scenes, but we wanted to provide a quick introduction.

Family and Friends

We’re a small family and friend group that believes in the concept of local seat filling and being a positive and helpful local resource. The club and city guides aren’t formal businesses with a hierarchy.

The primary team is Mark, Kalem, and Lu, and we’re all based in Las Vegas (which is ironic as Las Vegas is one of the few places we don’t have an OTL presence – but the Las Vegas city guide is coming soon!)

Other family members and friends, including Joe, Chris, Malaki, and Jeff, are also involved from time to time. Mark and Kalem focus on seat filling, working with entertainment partners, posting shows, and responding to member service emails. Lu builds and maintains the websites and is solely responsible for the city guides.

OTL City Guides team, OTL Seat Fillers team, OTL family

If you need to reach any of us, we have a handy-dandy contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are OTL City Guides?

OTL City Guides is a single website and sister to OTL Seat Fillers (aka local seat filling for live shows and events in the US and UK). The guides are for everyone, featuring Things to Do, Things to Learn, and Things to Eat, with 10+ spotlight locations but plenty of other info for everyone!

Is there something different about OTL City Guides compared to other community-focused guides?

Yes. OTL City Guides provides plenty of local resources, like restaurant recommendations, event calendars, movies, museums, etc. But, the difference is that the info stands as is, without discussion or reviews. So, if you like to get ideas without being inundated with negative feedback from everyone who has an opinion (and that’s pretty much everyone!), you’ll appreciate OTLCityGuides.com.

Can I contribute a performance schedule or blog post to OTLCityGuides.com?

Absolutely! OTL doesn’t allow for participation via comments or reviews, but it welcomes content contributions, as long as it’s evergreen content and nothing time-sensitive. To contribute, all you have to do is fill out the submissions form – https://otlcityguides.com/local-submissions. Easy peasy!