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OTL City Guides is the same family-owned brand behind the OTL Seat Fillers club. And, yes, there is a seat fillers club in the Denver area!

There are Things to Eat, Things to Do, and Things to Learn in the Denver Guide. 

Events can be found through Evvnt’s Denver event calendar. Because it’s updated every hour, you’ll always be able to see the latest shows and activities. The Denver city guide also includes listings for restaurants, directories, and much more.

However, reviews, comments, and negativity are off-limits. We are happy to post articles, season schedules, and other Denver-related information, but we’ll leave the discussion to social media and other sites. Enjoy!

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Denver Movies, Theaters, and Museums

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The Denver Movie Guide includes a list and links to all area cinemas.
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OTL provides you with the best list of Denver theaters & theater troupes.
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When’s the last time you visited a Denver area museum? Pick one!

Seat Fillers in Denver

Interested in being a Denver seat filler?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it fun to get free tickets?
  • Is live entertainment appealing to me, such as plays, musicals, comedy, and music?
  • What do you think of the idea of having shows pop up out of nowhere (but aware they may not always be available)?
  • Does it sound fun to give free tickets to your family and friends?
  • Can I afford to spend $10-15 per month for all-inclusive seat filling benefits?

If you answered yes to all of the above, ask yourself another question: 

When can I begin?

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Seat Filling in Denver

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How would you like to expand the audience for your Denver area event, show, service, or activity?

If so, then local seat filling through is free, private, easy, AND proven effective.

Here’s how it works:

  • Let OTL know how many tickets or admissions you would like to offer to seat fillers
  • Members can reserve tickets in their private member area
  • OTL will provide you with the reservation/will-call list
  • You distribute tickets or manage admissions on the day of the event (or activity)

All you have to do is provide complimentary tickets or admission. It’s a private, behind-the-scenes process. OTL never makes any public announcements, so your regular ticket sales aren’t affected. 

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Denver, Colorado

Denver is a great city with plenty to offer residents and visitors alike. There are plenty of things to do in Denver, from hiking and skiing in the nearby Rocky Mountains, to checking out the area’s museums and cultural attractions.

The city is also home to a thriving arts scene, with theaters, galleries, and festivals throughout the year. Plus, there’s no shortage of restaurants and bars in Denver, whether you’re looking for a casual meal or a night out on the town. Whatever your interests, you’ll find something to enjoy in Denver!

Movies in Denver

Cinema ” luxury ” in Denver includes reclining seats and a full food menu at theatres, such as AMC and Alamo Drafthouse. It is the perfect place for a night out with friends or family, as you can watch a great movie and relax in comfortable seats.

In Denver, AMC theaters are a great option for movie lovers. Several locations throughout the city offer reclining seats and a variety of food and drink options. Another great moviegoing venue in Denver is the Alamo Drafthouse. Its comfy seats and excellent menu make it one of the best film chains on the market. 

Our guide to movies in Denver provides locations and website links so you can order tickets ahead of time. Get ready to be entertained!

Denver Museums

If you’re looking for something interesting to do in Denver, museums are a great option (that we often overlook!).

A visit to the Denver Art Museum, the largest art museum in the Rocky Mountains, is well worth the time. The Children’s Museum of Denver is fun for the whole family (and educational, too!).

In the Denver museums section, you’ll find a list of prominent and lesser-known venues with links to their websites for hours and admission information.

Live Theater in Denver

There are more theaters in Denver than you might think, and most of them present quality performances of musicals and plays. There’s sure to be a show in Denver that clicks with your fancy, whether you’re a fan of classics or more contemporary fare. 

So, we’ve got a list of Denver theaters and theater troupes to narrow the search. But you’ll also find a list of shows, events, and activities that auto-updates hourly, so you’re always on top of what’s happening in your hometown.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Denver Guide

What’s the Denver Guide on

What to Do, Eat, and Learn in Denver is the focus of our guide. A calendar of events powered by Evvnt automatically updates every hour. There are also lists of movie theaters, museums, theaters and theater groups, restaurant recommendations, and more. Instead of reviews and comments, welcomes contributions – articles, schedules, discounts, and other information that readers appreciate.

Is the OTL Denver Guide the same as OTL Seat Fillers?

The OTL City Guides and OTL Seat Fillers websites are sister sites. OTL Denver Seat Fillers is a membership club open to members only, while the Denver City Guide is a free resource available to anyone.  Public events are listed on the Denver City Guide’s events calendar, but free tickets offered to Denver area seat fillers are posted privately.

How can I get my information included in the Denver City Guide?

Easy as pie! OTL enjoys sharing information. Submit your listing via our submission form at: As well as seasonal schedules and blog posts, the Denver City Guide will include business launches, discounts, and news and resources throughout the region. However, the content must continue to be relevant after a short time (evergreen or semi-evergreen). We can’t publish postings or opportunities with a time-sensitive nature.