Satisfy Your Craving With the Best Mexican Food in Charlotte

Our Picks for the BEST Restaurants for Mexican Food in Charlotte

From street food to fajitas to an avocado quinoa bowl, we’ve got five suggestions for some of the best Mexican food in Charlotte.

If you live in the Queen City, you’ve got it made when it comes to great Mexican restaurants. As more and more people move to Charlotte from the Southwest, and south of the border, the Mexican food scene benefits.

So, we’ve put together a list of five of the best places for Mexican food in Charlotte.

Warning: This list is sure to prompt cravings. So, don’t read it in the middle of the night. These five restaurants aren’t open 24/7!

Paco’s Tacos and Tequila

Best Mexican Food in SouthPark

How could we have a list of Charlotte’s best Mexican food without Paco’s Tacos?

The place is a casual Tex-Mex joint with delicious treats that include Outlaw Steak Fajitas. They feature a giant portion of wood-grilled marinated skirt steak cooked to order on a wood-burning grill.

You could stop with just the steak, but why?


These Fajitas come with a long list of yummy add-ons. You get charro beans, onions, lettuce, green peppers, sour cream, red rice, pico de gallo, guacamole, shredded cheese, jalapeños, Mexican butter, and warm homemade flour tortillas.

Could it get any better? Yes, it can, because the delicious dish of fabulous fajita goodness is less than $15.

A Tip

Here is an insider tip, if you love queso like me, give their Volcano Queso a shot. The yummy treat is a blend of cheeses melted with pineapple, onions, jalapeno bacon, and poblano peppers. But their Cheese Enchiladas with Chili Con Carne is also a fan favorite you shouldn’t miss.

June 2021 Update: You can satisfy your Mexican food craving at Paco’s. The restaurant has reopened for table service. But tables are spread out and fewer than before.

Paco’s Tacos and Tequila

6401 Morrison Blvd. 8A, Charlotte, NC 28211    Phone: (704) 716-8226

Sabor in Charlotte, Sabor Latin Street Grill, Charlotte Mexican restaurant

Sabor Latin Street Grill

Best Mexican Food in Charlotte Uptown

This locally owned eatery offers authentic delicacies from countries such as El Salvador, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, apart from Mexican cuisine.

Do you want to try some street food like Arepas, Gorditas, Elote Locos, Empanadas, Carne Asada fries, and Yuca Sabrosa? Or, maybe you want to treat yourself with healthier picks like Quinoa Avocado Bowl with Cilantro Lime Yogurt sauce and grilled vegetables. It doesn’t matter, as Sabor will surely satisfy your thirst for authentic Mexican flavors regardless of which dish you pick.

My favorite is their mountain of Nachos with refried or black beans, lettuce, queso, sour cream, guacamole, and pico de gallo plus your choice of protein. As if the regular menu isn’t enough, there are also daily specials.

Money-saving Tip

Fridays are $5 Margarita Fridays. But the real Happy Hour takes place every weekday between 3 pm and 5 pm when you can get $1 Taco Autenticos.

June 2021 Update: Sabor is fully open once again.

Sabor Latin Street Grill

300 N. College Street, Charlotte, NC 28202 (& 14 other locations)   Phone: 980-298-6444


101 W Worthington Ave

Superica is a relative newcomer to the Charlotte area. It’s a chic Tex-Mex hot spot with creations by chef Ford Frye.

Queso Fundido

The eatery may be pretty darn new, but it’s already famous for Queso Fundido among hungry Queen City locals.

Dig into their Skirt Steak that comes with amazing frothy Champagne-infused Butter or Chips served with Fire-roasted Tomato Salsa and Avocado Verde Salsa; you can’t go wrong with the flavors. The broiled Monterey Jack and Chihuahua cheeses served with warm tortillas, and Salsa Cremosa is another must-order item.

Dinner Budget

However, the trendy spot is not a cheap Mexican food joint. Most entrees range from $18-$38, enchiladas $13-$15, fajitas $20-$28, and tacos $13-$16.

One of the bargain dishes, though, is the good, old Texas-inspired Puffy Taco. At just $4 a piece, you’ve got to give one a try!

June 2021 Update: Superica is fully open once again.


101 W Worthington Ave #100, Charlotte, NC 28203   Phone: 980-321-9914

Cabo Fish Taco, Best Mexican food in Charlotte, Cabo Fish Taco Charlotte, Charlotte Mexican food

Cabo Fish Taco

Best Mexican Food in Charlotte NoDa

Famous for their takes on coastal Mexican cuisine with the healthy mindset of Southern California and Baja vibe, Cabo Fish Taco is one of the best places to enjoy authentic Mexican seafood in Charlotte.

Cabo offers a cozy and hipster-friendly atmosphere to enjoy your tacos, burritos, or margaritas.

Carne Asada Tacos

You can choose from the extensive selection, but their Carne Asada Tacos are amazingly refreshing. The filling is just one yummy ingredient after another, with grilled steak, peppers, onions, avocado, roasted red tomato sauce, mixed greens, tomatoes, and cheese.

My favorite is the Soy Ginger Shrimp Taco. But their Barbeque Garlic Shrimp Tacos with deep flavor, almost smoky barbeque sauce covering the well-cooked shrimp, and the light and crispy slaw filling the taco is also spot-on delicious.

June 2021 Update: Cabo Fish Taco has reopened, but tables might be limited for a while.

Cabo Fish Taco

3201 N Davidson Street, Charlotte, NC 28205   Phone: 704-332-8868

Three Amigos Charlotte, Best Mexican food in Charlotte,Mexican restaurants in Charlotte

Three Amigos Mexican Grill and Cantina

Central Ave

Three Amigos is a classic low-key, neighborhood Mexican restaurant that serves authentic Mexican food in a cozy, cheerful setting.

Enchiladas and More Enchiladas

Charlotte folks seem to love their enchiladas. If you’re one of them, then you’ll want to give the Enchiladas Poblanas a try. They feature three chicken tortillas covered in signature Mexican mole sauce, cheese, onions, and sour cream.

An equally delicious alternative is the Enchilada Verde. This particular dish includes three tortillas filled with Chicken covered with green salsa, sour cream, queso fresco, tomato onion, lettuce, and avocado. One bite, and you’ll know why it’s a “fan favorite.” Most of Three Amigos’ dishes are in the $10 range. They come with a heaping serving of rice and beans too!

June 2021 Update: Three Amigos is fully re-open

Three Amigos

2917 A Central Ave., Charlotte, NC 28205    Phone: 704-536-1851

The Hotspots for the Best Mexican Food in Charlotte

Try one, or try ’em all. Whichever place you choose, you’re sure to enjoy delicious and authentic Mexican food in Queen City.

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