Our Picks for the Best Sushi in London

Best Sushi in London

London’s sushi scene is vibrant. So, when you’re ready to satisfy your taste buds with those little rectangles of pure deliciousness, it can be challenging to narrow the field.

But I’ve narrowed my expansive list to recommend five of today’s hotspots for the best sushi places in London. Less time for you to do the research means more time to enjoy!  And, you’ll appreciate having some options for super-affordable to some of the priciest and some in-between.

Chisou Mayfair

Chisou is a small, light, and airy sushi restaurant with a calm atmosphere specializing in pure-bred traditional Japanese cuisine. The upscale neighborhood of Mayfair offers an excellent escape from West End shopping chaos. You’ll find that Chisou also has a small outdoor dining area. However, reservations are mandatory.

The restaurant’s focus is to provide connoisseurs with the freshest seasonal ingredients, so an ever-changing menu is what Chisou is all about. That attention to detail is why many consider Chisou ia one of the top picks for Japanese food with some of the best sushi in London.

Unagi Maki Special

If you are craving innovation, allow us to recommend the Chisou unagi maki special. It features fresh crabmeat and avocado rolled inside out with flying fish roe and topped with braised eel.

Before you get to the taste, your culinary experience starts with your eyes. Presentation is also a part of the Chisou tradition. We love how platters of cut rolls tightly wrapped with nori or gleaming slices of fish are stunningly presented with slivers of vegetables and wasabi dots.

If you are in the neighborhood, don’t forget to wash it down with a splash of sake -unless you’re driving, of course!

Average entrée pricing –  24-pieces Maki selection £34.50

Address – 22-23 Woodstock Street, W1C 2AR

Link to make a reservation  – Chisou Mayfair



In the chic neighborhood of Marylebone, the growing popularity of the intimate setting of Dinings brings the formerly hidden gem to the forefront for sushi lovers.

As with all of the best sushi spots in London, Dinings also works around seasonal ingredients to provide the freshest Japanese treats with a twist.

Fusion Sushi

Combining the traditional Japanese cuisines with modern European elements, Dinings is the definition of fusion sushi. I mean, there is nothing that says mainstream about salmon nigiri with soy sauce and onion jam. Or, how about with Peruvian-styled salsa and yellowtail with Japanese mustard and tosa soy sauce and scallop with foie gras mousse?

Dinings’ Wagyu beef nigiri topped with sweet soy sauce and foie-gras is also a popular pick if you’re in the mood for something other than seafood.

Even with just those few picks, you can see that Dinings menu is a head-turner. The cuisine provides a strong taste profile that goes amazingly well with drinks, befitting an izakaya.

Brunch per person – 6 pcs yellowtail roll £19

Address – 22 Harcourt St, Marylebone London W1H 4HH, UK

Link to make a reservation – Dinings

Kulu Kulu

Best Sushi in London – Rotating

Kulu Kulu is an affordable, small, simple, and cozy London sushi joint that allows you to escape the central London hustle.

It’s not ambiance or service. Instead, the experience here is all about speed, variety, and quality, as Kulu Kulu is a rotating sushi restaurant and one of London’s best.

Conveyor Belt Sushi

You can opt for a sushi platter from the carte. But the conveyor belt setup is the highlight here. Pick what you want – no waiting required.

Our favorite is the inside-outside roll filled generously with avocado, sesame, and fried-salmon skin. If you want to up your sushi taste profile, you have to try the aubergine dish – genuinely mouthwatering. Due to Covid, the place has been only entertaining takeaways but should be rolling (pun intended) once again, very soon.

Average entrée pricing – 2-piece crab cut rolls £4

Address- 76 Brewer Street, W1F 9TU, UK

Link to make a reservation – Kulu Kulu

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Nobu London

It is impossible to talk about the best sushi in London without mentioning Nobu. The restaurant is a brainchild of renowned sushi master Nobu Matsuhisa, known for his new style, Japanese with South American influence sushi.

I know that Nobu is an international phenomenon. But I’m specifically covering the Portman Square location. Nobu brings you London’s high-end sushi experience in spacious, stylish, and buzzy outdoor settings with terraces and marquees.

New Style Sushi

Coming to taste, perfect classic nigiri, new-style sushi, and dazzling sashimi is what you can expect from Nobu. Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno is one of the best sashimi you can have; it is simple yet full of flavor. The fish is brushed with garlic puree, bathed in yuzu-soy sauce topped with thinly sliced serrano pepper, and garnished with cilantro.

You really don’t need a recommendation, though. Everything at Nobu London is out of this world.

Average entrée price: Classic bento box is £39.5 while new-style sashimi is £17

Address – – 22 Portman Square, Marylebone, London W1H 7BG, UK

Link to make a reservation-Nobu London


Best Affordable Sushi in London

Kiraku is a small, family-run, and friendly neighborhood London sushi restaurant serving izakaya-style food. Sure, it is affordable, but it doesn’t translate to a compromise on quality. You’ll find superb, no-frill sashimi, nigiri, or big chirashi bowls with tuna or salmon; you can expect fresh and high-standard ingredients.

Kiraku’s Rainbow Roll with six different types of sashimi and avocado for £17 is a must-try. If it’s a special occasion, a maki sushi platter with 62 pieces of assorted sushi rolls for £52 is an excellent option for a party of 4-6 people.

Average entrée pricing – Tuna sushi rolls £4.50

Address -8 Station Parade, Uxbridge Rd, Ealing Common, London W5 3LD, UK

Website –Kiraku

Yes, It’s Tough to Narrow the Contenders for London’s Best Sushi

The list of the best sushi in London spots is endless. But you’ve got to start somewhere, right? So, hopefully, I’ve kick-started your taste tour with some places that’ll inspire you to tell your friends.

Sushi is just one of the things we’re covering (and we’ll continue to cover) in the London food guide. Be sure to stop back for new recommendations. You might also be interested in checking out our top 10 picks for Sunday Roast in London.

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