Bacon and Eggs!

How To Tell If An Egg is Good

And other breakfast food-related questions are answered!

Making a great brunch on the weekend is a great way to relax and connect as a family, but sometimes the eggs you’ll need have been sitting in the fridge for a while and might even be past their expiration date!

But, even if they are, you might not have to scramble for more because we’re sharing “how to tell if an egg is good.” And, keep reading for the best way to make bacon. It’s so easy!

How To Tell if an Egg is Good

Did you know that eggs aren’t always bad right at the expiration date on the egg carton? Or perhaps you prefer to store eggs in your own container and toss the carton right away, along with the expiration date. We don’t recommend it, but if you insist on using the built-in egg holder that comes with your refrigerator, there’s a way to tell if eggs are still good and safe to be eaten!

It’s very simple to do an egg float test to see if your eggs are still good and okay to eat! All you will need is a large bowl or pot of tap water and the eggs you’re testing. When eggs go bad, the contents inside shrink, causing an air pocket to form. So, the result is that any eggs that have gone bad will float to the top of the bowl of water. Fresh eggs will sink to the bottom, regardless of the expiration date.

how to tell if an egg is good, how to tell if an egg is bad

What Does it Mean if the Egg Floats?

If the egg floats to the top, it means it is no longer safe to eat. The yolk and whites have shrunk inside the egg, causing an air pocket to form. Eating rotten eggs can put you at risk for salmonella or other food-related illnesses. So, please don’t take a chance. Throw away any eggs that float or rise toward the top of the bowl.

how to tell if an egg is good, eggs that sink in water are bad

What Does it Mean if the Egg Sinks?

If the egg sinks to the bottom and lies on its side, it’s fresh and perfectly safe to eat! If the egg stands on one end on the bottom, it is still safe to eat. However, consume it quickly, as it could be starting to go bad.

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What Should I Do With Eggs for Brunch?

Use up the good eggs in scrambled eggs, fried eggs, or even create an omelet bar for everyone to choose their favorite fillings for omelets. Make the omelets to order with each person’s favorite fillings.

Another Brunch Must

Now that you know if the eggs are safe to eat or not, make other dishes for your brunch along with fried or scrambled eggs. Bacon is an excellent addition to any brunch, and when you are cooking for a lot of people and want to make it as easy as possible, you can learn to bake bacon in the oven and save a lot of time.

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How To Bake Bacon in an Oven

Cooking bacon in the oven is a great way to save time and have all the bacon done at once to stay hot. Cooking bacon this way also keeps the kitchen cleaner since there won’t be bacon grease splattering everywhere, and you won’t need to flip the bacon either.

Directions for Oven-Baked Bacon

What You Will Need to Make Bacon in the Oven:
One pound of bacon
One large, rimmed baking sheet
Aluminum foil
Baking rack or cookie cooling rack that fits into the baking sheet

Time needed: 20 minutes

Bake bacon in an oven by following these six steps. It’s super easy and you can’t believe how much better it turns out compared to using a messy, greasy frying pan.

  1. Prepare the baking sheet

    Line the baking sheet with aluminum foil, and place the baking rack or cooling rack on top of the baking sheet.

  2. Add the bacon

    Place the bacon strips onto the baking rack, making sure that the bacon doesn’t hang over the edges of the baking sheet. You’ll want the bacon grease to drip down into the baking sheet with aluminum foil.

  3. The bacon goes into a cold oven

    Place the pan into a cold oven, and turn the oven on to 425 degrees F (220 degrees C)

  4. Let the baking begin!

    Cook the bacon for 14 to 15 minutes, or until it has the desired to bake bacon in an over, bake bacon, how to make bacon in the oven, baked bacon

  5. Enhance the crispiness

    Transfer the bacon to a plate lined with paper towels and allow it to cool for five minutes. This will also crisp up the bacon.

  6. It’s “a peeling”

    Cleanup is easy! Simply allow the bacon grease to cool and harden up, and then peel up the aluminum foil from the baking sheet and throw it away.

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Once You Know Your Egg is Good…

A great brunch always starts with great eggs and bacon, so these tips will help you ensure your eggs are fresh and delicious. Plus, not only will you save time by cooking the bacon in an oven, but it’s sooooo good!

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