Five Fun and Free Things to Do in Atlanta

Aug 18, 2019

Put Your Money Away - Here are Five Fun and Free Things to Do in Atlanta!


Are you looking to get out and have fun without spending money? Some of these places attract tourists, but why not take advantage of the best of the best in your own hometown.
If you’re looking for a unique experience that won’t cost any money, rest assured that Atlanta has some of the best things to do for free!


1. Piedmont Park

Atlanta parks

Piedmont Park offers something for everyone: PATH trails, a dog park, the stocked Lake Clara Meer, playgrounds, fields for baseball, soccer, and football, and tennis courts await.

It's not just the park that's free to use, but the park plays hosts to other free activities. If you've been wanting to try yoga or tai chi, there are complimentary classes in the promenade. Whether you need to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables or not, you can stroll around the Green Market. Saturday's farmer's markets are some of the best in the area.

2. Castleberry Art Stroll

castleberry hillPull up your Google calendar and mark yourself as busy for the second Friday of every month. Atlanta's Historic Art District is one of the tops in the country.
Castleberry Art Stroll a self-guided walk through the neighborhood. You can visit the galleries and shops and stick with the "free and fun" designation, but why not splurge and grab a bite to eat as well? A variety of restaurants participate in the monthly event.
Stop by 180 Walker Street SW (in front of Bottle Rocket) to pick up the updated information and maps.

3. Centennial Olympic Park

Centennial Olympic Park, free things to do in atlanta

A relic of the ‘96 Olympics, the park is a great hang out spot. Enjoy free music every Wednesday!

While the park hosts premier events like the Fourth of July Celebration and Holiday in the Park, a walking tour may be more your speed. it takes about an hour to do the circle and you can pull up an audio guide to lead the way. Your journey will take you over about a half a million engraved bricks that have been added to since the Olympics.

4. Shootin' the Hooch

Shootin the HoochThere's a caveat to this one, as it could be free but it depends on how well your garage is stocked. If you've got your own float, then you're golden and ready to travel the Chattahoochee.
Unless you want to take a few miles of a walk with your tube in hand, remember to bring two cars, one for the entry point and one at the exit. There are different launch areas including Don White Memorial Park, Johnson Ferry, and Powers Island. Oh, and just as important as the second car is the cooler!

5. The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum

Jimmy Carter LibraryNot everything is free at The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum, but there's enough to keep you busy without having to spend a dime.
The gardens and fishing access to a stocked pond are first on the list. You can also take in the occasional free lecture, book signing, and film screening. Check out the calendar for upcoming events. Museum admission is also complimentary to veterans and under 16s.

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