San Francisco Brunch with French Toast Bread Pudding?

San Francisco Brunch is All You Need This Weekend

What’s Sunday without waking up late, putting on casual attire, and heading to a lazy but satisfying breakfast-lunch combo? A fulfilling brunch in a warm and relaxing spot is the best start to a day.

San Francisco is the place to be for the broadest range of brunch options to try. These are places that are always packed on weekends. So, unless you’re hitting your neighborhood’s hidden gem where everybody knows your name, be sure to make a reservation or plan to spend some time at the bar.

Here are five of the best San Francisco brunch spots to enjoy your quiche, enchilada, and waffles with a margarita or mimosa, and much more than that.

Cassava, brunch San Francisco, San Francisco brunch places


The takeout brunch at Cassava has delicious options. It’s the perfect place to chill out on weekends. Sitting prettily on Richmond Street, the warm lighting invites you to some relaxing brunch time inside.

Cassava’s best early-day meals include the Japanese breakfast at $16. Savor Japanese rice, miso soup, shio koji-marinated fish, koshihikari rice, fermented daikon, smoked salmon, simmered shitake, and poached egg. Or, head in another direction with avocado and egg toast with bacon for $13. The veggie rice bowl with a sunny poached egg on top will put a smile on your face for just $15.

Average entrée pricing: 15.00

Address: 3519 Balboa St., San Francisco, CA 94121


Brunch Hours:  Wednesday to Sunday – 10 am to 2 pm

The Front Porch

No, it’s not just chicken at The Front Porch. It’s fried chicken buckets! But if you’re not ready for a bucket of goodness, you’ve got options. Maybe a typical country breakfast with eggs, grits, and your choice of meat for $13.50 at one of the top San Francisco brunch spots will fit the bill!

The Eggs Benedict is another hot favorite at $15 with handmade Creole Hollandaise sauce, Canadian bacon, and tater tots. Porch Favorites on the menu include Chicken + Waffle at $20 consisting of sustainable chicken over cornmeal waffle with maple syrup. And, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention it again. The classic Bucket O’ Chicken is standing by at $31.

Oh, and please don’t forget the beignets. They’re only $6 and you’ll thank us for the suggestion!

Average entrée pricing: 20.00

Address: 65A 29th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110


Brunch Hours:  Saturday and Sunday – 10am – 3:30pm

Kitchen Story, Kitchen Story San Francisco, San Francisco brunch

Kitchen Story

Introducing Kitchen Story, another of the best San Francisco brunch spots serving delicacies that keep bringing you back every week. And, every time you return you can order the millionaire’s bacon. It’s the signature dish at Kitchen Story, dusted with black pepper and cayenne before being baked.

Other top entrees for breakfast are ricotta hotcakes, and Mascarpone stuffed deep-fried French toast at $14. Try the poached egg entrees, such as the Millionaire’s Benedict with millionaire’s bacon (two-million times better?). It’s prepared with Meyer lemon hollandaise, asparagus, and tomatoes at $20. Or, switch from Millionaire’s to Mom’s Benedict (pictured above) for $17.

Thirsty? Then you’ve got the Black Currant Mimosa, Wild Hibiscus Mimosa, and many other excellent options at $12.

Average entrée pricing: 20.00

Address: 3499 16th St., San Francisco, California  94114


Regular Brunch Hours (not COVID abbreviated): 

10 am – 2 pm for weekday brunch

9 am – 2:30 pm for weekend brunch


We’ve got to designate Plow as another of the best San Francisco brunch places. It serves comforting rustic food in a lively space with oak-barrel seating to brighten up your day. Start the day with a classic brunch of fried eggs, summer hash, scrambled eggs, and custard.

Annie’s almond flour pancakes and soft scrambled eggs at $17 are popular choices. Another must-try is the heavenly custard French toast here with strawberries, vanilla mascarpone cream, and pure maple syrup on top for $15.

Enliven the brunch hours with grapefruit mimosa at $11.50 and Equador drip coffee at $3.75.

Average entrée pricing: 25.00

Address: 1299 18th Street, San Francisco, CA  94107


Brunch Hours:  7 am to 2 pm

Rose's Cafe, brunch in San Francisco, Rose's Cafe San Fran

Rose’s Cafe

Rose’s is a typical sidewalk cafe, prettily set up to help you take a break on the weekends. A little people watching and a lot of yummy food is the perfect combo platter.

Enjoy a soothing cup of green tea with jasmine pearls at $5, or dig into the French toast bread pudding with raspberries and whipped cream at $15.

There’s a variety of house-baked goods at $14. Or, you can go for the roasted chicken, fontina, herbs, and caramelized onions on Ciabatta for $17 (maybe both?). If they’re not whetting your appetite, there are plenty of other options in this lovely, romantic cafe.

Average entrée pricing: 20.00

Address: 2298 Union St., San Francisco, CA 94123


Brunch Hours:  Saturday and Sunday – 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

San Francisco Brunch is Just Another Reason to Love the Weekend

Most of the eateries we’ve covered here have outdoor seating. But we’ve also got an entire blog post dedicated to San Francisco restaurants with dining al fresco.

Then, after you’ve had your fill of tasty treats under the sun or moon, check out San Francisco events. Better yet, be a San Francisco seat filler and scoop up some free pairs of tickets from time to time.