Best 2019 Christmas Gifts for Her

Nov 12, 2019

The Best 2019 Christmas Gifts for Her

We're using the title "Best 2019 Christmas Gifts for Her."  But our gift guide offers plenty of suggestions for birthdays, Hanukkah, or just because.

It can be challenging to come up with something unique. You need something to fall within your price range, a gift she'll love, and it also needs to show thoughtfulness. Yes, everyone loves a good gift card because it won't go to waste. But beautiful gift wrapped packages are part of the holiday experience. A tree filled with ribbon-wrapped boxes is part of the ambiance. A gift card in an envelope just doesn't have the same effect.

So, we hope that these suggestions will at least give you a good running start. Even if you're not jazzed about the exact items, maybe they'll spark some other ideas. If you do like one or more, though, we've got handy links included. So, you can cross an item off of your list in a less than a minute. No need to "shop til you drop!"

Who is "She?"

To make your process easier, we've put some gift options into five different categories. So, pick the one your recipient most closely identifies with and then peruse the options.

We've got you covered with the following:

  1. The Homebody
  2. Fashionista
  3. Beauty Queen
  4. Foodie
  5. World Traveler (or wannabe!)



Best Gifts for the "Homebody"

Ultrasonic Diffuser

Nothing says relaxation like essential oils, so what better as an ideal gift for her! Diffusers are a great way to refresh the air in the room or house while sleeping or even be used as a room scent. Thi particular model on the left is in the $33 range. We also have a link to one in on Amazon in the UK for £17.99.

Fizz Dress Up Drag Mug

Thanks to Rupaul’s Drag Race, drag queens are taking over the world! For any fans of the show or just love to have fun while drinking their morning coffee this mug lets you decorate a drag queen while customizing your very own mug. This one won't break the bank, as it retails for $16.

Bitossi Home Vase

Nothing in your home is a great conversation starter like a crazy and unique vase! So why not have a manicured hand hold your beautiful fresh bouquet of flowers? This unusual home item regularly retails for $52.




Stylish Gifts for the "Fashionista"

Carmen Faux Fur Cross Body Bag

Faux Fur was a big hit with the fashion crowd this year, so any trend follower would love this stand out bag to add a colour pop to any outfit. This purse is available in the bright mustard color. Or, if she's a bit more reserved, you can opt for black. Either way it's still one of the best Christmas gifts for her! It's $40 on in the US and £22 in the UK

Karl Lagerfeld Phone Stand

The Legend himself passed away this year so to pay homage to the fashion legend, keep him in your pocket. Cute and adjustable what fashion follower wouldn’t love this? This gift is $61 for US customers and £55 in the UK and is another one of's unique offerings.


Elegance: The Beauty of French Fashion

Megan Hess is known for her stunning fashion Illustrations, her newest book only came out a few months ago so chances are it’s on the Christmas Wish list for your fashion friends. It's $20 on Megan Hess/My Shopify.



"Beauty Queen" Gifts for Christmas 2019

Ren Clean Skincare & Now to Sleep

Something everyone needs is their beauty sleep, this ‘Now to Sleep’ gift back comes in beautiful packaging and includes 2 bottles of their much loved Pillow Mist. Ren Clean Skincare comes at an attractive price point, as it's only $15 on Net-a-Porter. One of the best Christmas gifts for her and one of the best price points for you!


Frank Body Scrub Heroes Kit

A tan is needed in every season, even winter! Frank Body has become a cult favourite of beauty lovers all over the world and this year they’ve released a gift pack with their best selling scrubs packed in a cute box plus it comes with an even cuter tote bag. It's $49.95 in the US, and also available in the UK for £34.95. Pssst.... there's a 10% off coupon for new customers too!

Eau de Juice

The 100% Chilled Eau du Parfum fragrance comes in a collectable, unique and quirky bottle that will definitely stand out on the shelf! It's $55 at Ulta and sometimes comes with a little free gift. Maybe one for her, one for you??



Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life

Cheese Board and Cutlery Set

A cheeseboard is something every foodie needs but this isn’t just a cheeseboard… With a serving tray for wine plus a slide out draw, who wouldn’t love this gift? This particular set is $49.95 but it's been on sale for $39.95, making it just that much sweeter!

Hey Tiger Chocolate (Great for the Vegan in your life)

With seasonal packaging, Hey Tiger Chocolate produces flavours you wouldn’t even think of! They have vegan options available and there is a flavour for everyone even some that might leave you a bit puzzled. The Vegan Chocolate gift is $28.

Gin Baubles

The holiday season is the time to relax and celebrate with your loved ones, so why not make the ‘celebrate’ part as festive as possible! Packaged as Christmas Baubles each one has a delicious and different flavour of Gin, perfect to make quick and tasty cocktails. This is really a uniquely presented gift. It's $79 for a set and beats the heck out of handing someone a bottle!



Best Gifts for the World Traveler

Shhh Silk Set

A neck pillow and eye mask is a must for any jetsetter, but most don’t do you any favours. This set is made out of pure mulberry silk and will definitely get you some much needed shut eye on those long flights in economy. This particular set is $79. But there are other options available as well.

We Should All Be Mirandas

While travelling a good pageturner book can be a lifesaver, and any fan of Sex and the City (or not a fan) will love this book. Written by the creators of the popular instagram account @everyoutfitonSATC, this book is a hilarious look at the most underrated character from the series that will keep you entertained for hours. The hardcover is about $15 (£9.35 in the UK), but it's also available in audiobook format (one less thing in her carry on)! 

Baggu Set

Travelling should be fun and so should your luggage, if you’ve ever had to wait at a baggage claim you’d notice every bag looks the same… So why not stand out from the crowd with Metallic 3D bag set from Baggu. It's $38 from Shop Bop and appeals to the inner fashionista as well. So, it's actually one of the best Christmas gifts for many aspects of "her."

Amazon for Shipping OR the Gift of Prime

best gifts for 2019, best Christmas gifts 2019, gift guide 2019, 2019 gift guideYou may have noticed that we included a few Amazon gifts in the mix. Our entire family at OTL has been members of the Amazon Prime program for years, and we have definitely reaped the benefit. If you're going to buy even a few items from the giant online seller, you may want to look at a Prime membership. It's $3 for a 30-day Trial. Not too shabby!

Also, we never thought about this one, but an Amazon Prime Gift may not satisfy the box, wrappings, and bow requirement that we love to see under the tree, but it will be appreciated

TIP: If you're looking to spend less than a year of Amazon Prime, you can also buy a gift of just three months. That's three months of free shipping, movies, and more. It's a great deal. But wrap it up in a nice big box with a pretty bow for more impact!

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