Best Kombucha in St. Louis

Try St. Louis Missouri’s Own Best Kombucha

St. Louis, Missouri, is the home to an unusual bottling facility. Instead of beer or soft drinks, it’s kicking out bright blue containers of fermented tea, otherwise known as KomBlu, the best kombucha in the midwest.

KomBlu is a Pride of St. Louis

Kombucha is growing in popularity around the world, ushering in Kombucha shops. But KomBlu takes the drink mainstream, so you don’t have to see out a specialty location. It’s now widely available at grocery stores, as well as bars and restaurants. We have a handy list at the bottom to get you started in the right direction.

KomBlu is very popular and well known to St. Louis locals. But their name has reached even outside the state, as it’s distributed to more than 100 retailers in Missouri and Illinois. The St. Louis-based operation cranks out more than just a healthy drink. It’s a tasty one that comes in a variety of flavors including, mango, cherry, firefly chai, and so much more!

The Inspiration Behind KomBlu

Andria Garcia, who is the founder and the owner, works every day to make sure her beautiful customers are satisfied. Andria has been striving for years to better her products, providing even better health assistance, especially when it comes to her customers’ “guts.”

KomBlu welcomes all health seekers and even those that are just only looking for a great beverage to enjoy with some friends.

What inspired Andria to begin KomBlu was when her two-year-old daughter come down with chronic eczema and asthma.
After suffering through the heart-breaking changes in her daughter, Andria was inspired to in-depth research and found that kombucha was the hero.

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Only Top-Notch Ingredients in This Kombucha

So now, Andrea shares this potent beverage with so many people. Her customers not only drink kombucha for the health benefits but the healing as well. All of the ingredients used in KomBlu are organic and raw, including fruit juices, cane sugar, stevia, food-grade essential oils, and purified reverse-osmosis water.

Fermented tea (also known as kombucha when done a certain way) has been known throughout the years. It provides astounding medical advantages, giving it the epithet “the tea of everlasting status.”

How Kombucha is Made

Kombucha begins as a sweet tea. It’s then joined with a corresponding culture of microscopic organisms and yeast (called, SCOBY). From here, the SCOBY matures the tea after some time to make the shining refreshment we as a whole, love to appreciate.

All in all, these fixings take one straightforward item, tea, and transform it into a live super nourishment refreshment that is astonishing for your body.

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Digestive and liver detox benefits

Kombucha is a live beverage, which means it’s viewed as a living being. Its status is significant because living vitality works with living cells in our bodies to quicken medical issues.

The great microorganisms that are made in the maturation procedure supply several strains of probiotics. It has been discovered that probiotics work hand in hand with neurons in the stomach-related framework to help in the digestive system. This concoction adds to prosperity and joy.

Furthermore, kombucha supplies key supplements to our weight control plans, for example, B vitamins, antioxidants, and enzymes. It’s also an effective liver detoxer.

Where You Can Find the Best Kombucha

KomBlu makes its way to various festivals in the St. Louis area. But it’s accessible year-round at over 100 locations throughout Missouri and Illinois. Not only will you appreciate the taste, but your body will thank you for the incredible health benefits kombucha has to offer.

The following are just a few of the retailers. You can get a more comprehensive list on the official KomBlu website. Also, be sure to bookmark your local city guide for helpful information on daily living, dining, and tips to make life a bit easier.

Some of the KomBlu Retail Locations in St. Louis

Espresso Yourself Coffee & Cafe

5351 Devonshire Ave.
St. Louis, MO

Juice Bar

9849 Manchester Road
St. Louis, MO

The Healing Arts Center

10073 Manchester Rd. #100
St. Louis, MO

Oakville Sports Pub

6348 Telegraph Road
St. Louis, MO

Sasha’s Wine Bar

4069 Shaw Boulevard
St. Louis, MO

Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market

9920 Lin Ferry Drive
St. Louis, MO