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Searches for the best sushi in Denver have skyrocketed as the popularity of Oriental cuisines has been ruling the West for quite a while now. The idea of eating raw fish does not seem to be scary anymore to Americans. Now, getting a plate of authentic sushi sitting in Denver is no longer a rare feat for gastronomes.

Several restaurants have opened up in Denver over the last decade, serving true blue Japanese cuisine with its typically Oriental flavors and character intact. Food lovers appreciate these sushi destinations that source their raw fish and other ingredients right from Japanese markets. So, try the traditional dishes at the trendiest restaurants and low-key treasured dining places.

Read on as we share our picks for the best sushi in Denver.

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Kobe An – LoHi

Kobe An’s enclosed patio setting with Japanese lanterns creates a soft, cozy mood while you immerse yourself in an authentic Japanese culinary experience.

Sushi, sukiyaki, and shabu-shabu are the bestsellers of Kobe An, with an extensive sushi menu to spoil you with choices. Go for the Hot Tokyo Roll, the Bronco Roll, Red Rocks, or anything that catches your fancy. Then, finish off with the craft cocktails, sakes, or the classic Japanese single malt, and you’re heading home a happy camper!

Average entrée pricing: 15.00

Address: 3400 Osage St, Denver, CO 80211


Sushi Sasa

Sushi Sasa is Wayne Conwell’s innovative venture to bring the soul of Japanese cuisine to Denver. The beauty of the food here lies in the influences of different European cuisines that blend with authentic Japanese flavors.

Try the elaborate omakase menus or hop in during the happy hours for a handsome amount of sushi rolls, nigiri, or sashimi, along with delicious cocktails.

Average entrée pricing: 25.00

Address: 2401 15th Street, Suite 80, Denver, CO 80202



Tokio is a modestly designed and softly lit, two-story Japanese restaurant, providing the perfect, intimate place to hang out in the evening. The attractive plating gives an inviting touch to the ramen, yakitori, and sushi splendors on the tempting menu.

Dig into the excellent yakitori or try the first-rate options in sushi rolls, ranging from the classic California and Philadelphia rolls to the unique Tokyo B&B, Futomaki, and Caterpillar rolls. The extensive sushi menu lets you choose traditional nigiri as well as rolls.

You won’t want to miss out on the signature Tokio rolls, Sexy rolls, Dragon rolls, Volcano rolls, and Dynamite rolls. These are the fantastic creations of Tokio’s chef-owner, Miki Hashimoto, serving you delectable flavors to enjoy with Sakes, beers, and wines.

Average entrée pricing: 15.00

Address: 2907 Huron Street Unit #103, Denver, CO 80202


Sushi Den, sushi in Denver

Sushi Den

Undoubtedly, some of the best sushi in Denver, according to gourmets, is served at Sushi Den. Living true to its name, it’s the perfect den to visit if you wish to enjoy a fantastic sushi platter in a warm and happening ambiance.

Sushi Den is one of the first sushi bars in the US, constantly raising the bar with its superb cuisine.

The lively atmosphere gets even better when you try the fresh fish that comes in straight from Tokyo every day. And, the exquisite preparation by the best sushi chefs makes this place a must-try. Go for an elaborate sushi dinner, a delicate sashimi dinner, or a deluxe sushi platter to have the best of everything.

Average entrée pricing: 20.00

Address: 1487 South Pearl St, Denver, CO, 80210


Mizu Izakaya

Mizu Izakaya is the place to be for an innovative bar experience and a cozy, distinctive date night. The woodwork and funky, chic art on the walls create a sassy ambiance in this eatery that serves a diverse Japanese menu with an array of beverages.

Restaurateur Hong Jian Lee brings the traditional Japanese izakaya experience to Denver, offering a range of sakes, wines, and Japanese whiskey enjoyed with an expansive selection of ramen, yakitori, and sushi. Mizu Izakaya offers delectable options in nigiri and sashimi dinners and tasty varieties of specialty sushi rolls.

Some of the best sushi in Denver? You can count on it!

Average entrée pricing: 15.00

Address: 1560 Boulder St., Denver, CO 80211


Beyond the Best Sushi in Denver

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