Wondering Where to Find the Best Sushi in Nashville?

Satisfy Your Cravings With the Best Sushi in Nashville

Nashville’s dining scene is impressive enough to satisfy the gastronomes around the city with its variety of multicultural cuisines. Music City might be famous for barbecue above all else.  However, some of the best sushi in Nashville can hold its own against top Japanese restaurants across the US.

An authentic dinner in Nashville’s best sushi restaurants will leave you craving fresh sashimi and sushi rolls for the rest of your life.

The following are our picks for the top five places to satisfy your sushi cravings in Nashville.

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Beautiful ambiance at Virago


Regulars know that Virago has been ruling the sushi scene in Nashville since the early 2000s. It’s best known for its extensive nigirizushi menu or composed sushi, traditional rolls, and exquisite sashimi.

Golden dragon rolls and sashimi remain the top favorites in this intimate restaurant with booths and private dining spaces. Immerse yourself in this edgy ambiance for the evening, or enjoy the late-night lounge scene with Japanese whiskey, sake, and nigirizushi delights.

Average entrée pricing: 15.00

Address: 1120 McGavock St, Nashville, TN 37203

Virago: https://www.mstreetnashville.com/virago

O-Ku Sushi

Despite O-Ku Sushi being a relatively new entry in Nashville’s dining scene, it has emerged as one of the top favorites for gourmets.

The place offers a stellar sushi experience with its nigiri, sashimi, and makimonos. Delectable Japanese food pairs well with craft beer and sake, soaking in the restaurant’s snug mood slowly through the evening.

Chef Eric Hill presents the finest fish, plated to perfection, celebrating Japanese cooking’s true flavors. However, if a non-seafood eater accompanies you, we recommend the Japanese Mushroom Farro Risotto for $18. It’s a unique dish that includes Wild Japanese mushrooms, truffle Parmigiano, and arugula.

Average entrée pricing: 20.00

Address: 81 Van Buren Street, Nashville, TN 37208

O-Ku Sushi: https://www.o-kusushi.com/

Two Ten Jack

You’ll find that Two Ten Jack isn’t your typical sushi restaurant. This Japanese-inspired izakaya offers you an outdoor dining experience that comes alive under the starry lights in the evening. It’s the perfect spot to gather in the evening, enjoying the distinctive beverage collection of sake, shochu, craft beers, and wines.

We’ve got quite a few recommendations for must-tries as Two Ten Jack. Even though we’re focusing on the best sushi in Nashville, we have to suggest ramen, along with maki rolls and sashimi. And, there’s probably no twisting your arm to try to the Gojira Roll either!

Two Ten Jack is a favorite amongst Nashville locals in the know. They swear by the wide range of nigiri and sashimi options in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.

Average entrée pricing: 10.00

Address: 1900 Eastland Ave #105, Nashville, TN 37206

Two Ten Jack: https://twotenjack.com/nashville/

Sunda sushi, Sunda Nashville, Nashville sushi spots, Sunda sushi in Nashville


The Pan-Asian menu is expansive and delicious at Sunda. But, it’s the sushi platter that prompted us to put Sunda on our list of five favorite places serving the best sushi in Nashville.

You’ll taste yummy and authentic Japanese in this plush restaurant that’ll entice you to keep returning.

Our list of recommendations is a long one, but we have to at least mention Tail of Two Tunas, Panda, and Sweet Potato Caterpillar rolls. They should be on your must-order list. But we’re sure you’ll find quite a bit more to love about Sunda as well.

Average entrée pricing: 20.00

Address: 592 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

Sunda: https://sundanewasian.com/nashville/

The Eastern Peak

Another of Nashville’s true blue gems is The Eastern Peak, serving unforgettable Thai and Japanese cuisines.

It certainly lives up to its name. The Eastern Peak offers the most amazing culinary delights of Asia and is another place to go for some of Nashville’s best sushi.

Located at The Gulch, Bellevue, and Berry Hill, The Eastern Peak is a must-visit restaurant for sushi lovers. Put the Predator and the Titan Rolls on your list, and you’ll be hooked. You’ll also find that the Red Dragon Roll and the Crab Dragon Roll are other popular picks at this Nashville sushi hot spot.

Average entrée pricing: 25.00

Address: 133, 12th Ave N, Nashville TN 3703

The Eastern Peak: https://www.theeasternpeak.com/

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