Attn: Brown Paper Tickets Sellers – A Proven Way to Sell More Tickets

Tips for Brown Paper Tickets Sellers

By Lu, OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers

If you sell tickets on Brown Paper Tickets, you’re familiar with the benefits. You’ve got a dedicated sales page for free, as attendees pay the low service fees (typical of most ticket sales portals).

However, Brown Paper Tickets (BPT) is more than a ticketing portal. It also serves as a promotional platform. That means that BPT provides another way for ticket buyers to find your incredible events as you have additional online presence and can show up in more online searches.

More Exposure

So, consider this. Why stick to just one outlet if your ticketing portal is also part of your overall marketing strategy?

Whether you’re promoting a show, event, class, activity, or other ticketed experience, you want as much exposure as possible.

For example, if you’re using social media to spread the word, you’re probably going beyond Facebook. After all, it doesn’t cost you anything to post on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, etc., and cast a wider net.

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How to Stay on Brown Paper Tickets But Sell Even More Tickets

You might be wondering where I’m going with all of this. Well, the name of this post is Brown Paper Tickets Sellers: A Proven Way to Sell More Tickets. And, that “way” is by expanding your presence even more.

Add a Ticketing Portal

You might take advantage of five social media sites. However, have you considered the impact of ticketing portals?

Brown Paper Tickets might be working well for you. But, unless you’ve got one sold-out event after another, have you considered expanding your reach with additional ticketing portals like OTL City Guides Tickets?

Like Brown Paper Tickets, OTL City Guides Tickets powered by Evvnt is a free-to-use service. So, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Benefits of Using Brown Paper Tickets and OTL City Guides Tickets

I’ve started by drawing attention to greater exposure. But there are additional benefits to adding OTL City Guides Tickets to your marketing plans.

  • Part of OTL Seat Fillers – so events on OTL City Guides Tickets are also promoted to seat filler members (and you know they LOVE live events and entertainment!)
  • City-specific websites to narrow the focus
  • Option to sell virtual reserved seat tickets as you can easily build your venue map
  • Send tickets via email or text
  • Turn your event page into a QR code; then customers can scan and buy
  • Customers don’t need to log in to the website to access their virtual tickets
  • Copy your custom events widget and add it to your website to display an auto-updating list of your current events with ticketing links
  • Inclusion in OTL’s email newsletters
  • Scan tickets on-site using the Evvnt app
  • Email support whenever you need it

Ticket Sales Features

Whereas Brown Paper Tickets is more about the marketplace, OTL City Guides Tickets focuses on being a full-service portable box office for you. It features real-time reporting and marketing tools, social media integration, customizable ticket sales registration (ask customers specific questions), customer reminders and follow-up emails, and more.

Like Brown Paper Tickets, you can scan tickets at the door. But it’s even easier to purchase them – no printer or extra equipment needed. You’ve got mobile touchless ticketless ticketing from sales to scanning.

You Don’t Need to Choose One or the Other

Both Brown Paper Tickets and OTL City Guides Tickets have similar features and benefits. You can sell donation-based tickets, offer free admission, send comp tickets, refund, exchange, etc.

So, you might be trying to figure out which one is the best one for your shows and events.

But why should you choose?

The purpose of this post is to encourage you to spread the love and use both. Hey, you could even add other ticket sales options to the mix as well.

Request a Username for OTL City Guides Tickets

To get started using the OTL City Guides Tickets portal or find out more about its features, head over to the Sell Tickets page on You can build your custom ticket sales page that showcases your brand in just a few minutes.

Currently, there are 10 OTL City Guides Tickets portals: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Orlando, San Francisco, Seattle, South Florida, and Tampa Bay.

But, you don’t have to be right in the city to take advantage of the service. The primary purpose of OTL City Guides Tickets is to provide you with a custom ticket sales page that you can promote. So, if you’re anywhere in Colorado, feel free to use Denver Tickets, or California-based events can take advantage of San Francisco Tickets, and so on.


The OTL Philosophy

If you aren’t familiar with OTL, we began nearly eight years ago with local seat fillers clubs in Austin and Denver. Now, OTL Seat Fillers has expanded across the US and has members in London, too.

My family and I are proud of the OTL concept. You’ll find that it supports area arts and entertainment communities while simultaneously (and privately) providing members with free pairs of tickets – Win-Win!

The Goal = A Full House

And, with the new OTL City Guides Tickets, we’ve got another way to support local venues, entertainers, activities, and services. Like OTL Seat Filling, it’s free to use. So, we’re not in competition with Brown Paper Tickets. Instead, we’re just looking to provide promoters and marketers with additional options.

You can sell tickets through Brown Paper Tickets and OTL City Guides Tickets. Then, there’s another opportunity, too.

If you’ve still got some open seats as the date approaches, you can privately offer comps to OTL Seat Fillers. It’s a great way to introduce your incredible event to new patrons and fill some extra spots. OTL Seat Fillers might not pay for tickets, but they love to buy popcorn and drinks!