Christmas Gift Subscriptions

Nov 24, 2019

Christmas Gift Subscriptions That You Can Buy and Send Online

It’s that time of the year, when you’re desperately trying to come up with Christmas or holiday gifts for your loved ones that are unique, show thoughtfulness, and are easy to purchase and deliver.

So, in addition to our other gift guides that we’re rolling out frequently leading up to December 25th, we wanted to cover some of the best and most unusual gift subscriptions. These are ideas for products and services that you can buy online, and then your recipient gets to reap the benefit for a month, multiple months, or even a year, depending on your investments.

While opening a gift is exciting at the moment, receiving a package in the mail once a month or having continuous access to new content, tickets, and other products keep your generous intent alive throughout the year.

The following subscription-type of gifts cover the gamut. Some are geared toward men, others toward women. We’ve got ideas for bakers, workout enthusiasts, entertainment buffs, and more. They’re ideal for Christmas gift-giving but also work for any occasion.

Go forth and be creative. They’ll love you for it!



Gift Subscriptions – the Holiday Guide

CakeFlix – US and UK

We wanted to include a gift for foodies but decided to veer away from the classics like the wine or fruit of the month club. You already know that there are plenty of food items that you can purchase to send in one shot or divide up into monthly packages.

Instead, we decided to include CakeFlix. It’s an ideal gift for amateur and professional bakers. I always thought that it would be fun to learn how to decorate those amazing cakes, as you see on the Food Network. This particular subscription lets the user experiment at home, without heading out to a one-off class.

Classes, competitions, and collaboration

CakeFlix offers over 1,000 courses and has more than 7,000 unique cake-related video lessons. Members also get to participate in the Cake of the Month Competition, watch live shows, participate in discussion groups, and enjoy a new course that’s added each week.

Subscriptions run $14.95 a month for a Premium membership and $29.95 for Pro. There are also annual memberships that you can purchase as well. CakeFlix caters to five currencies. So, if the page defaults to unfamiliar pricing, just click on the US or UK flag to switch to USD or GBP.

Tip: Supplement the membership with a cake decorating kit for an even more impactful gift.

The Intoxicated Intellectual – US only

I love this one! It’s the IDEAL subscription for the hardest to buy for in your life. Not only is it clever, but something he or she will look forward to receiving and will use, maybe even in conjunction with others in the club.

This membership is described as “A Monthly Boozy Book Club.”

Read and Drink

Each package includes a marriage of a Classic Novel paired with a book-themed recipe. You’ll get the instructions and the ingredients (except the alcohol) to make four to six servings.

The pairing is a perfect way to unwind at the end of the day. Or, team up with members of your book club and make a bigger batch of the cocktails. It’ll make the discussion of the hidden themes and character development much more entertaining!

You can buy one month for $47. There are also other options like three months for $135, a year for $540, and the opportunity to buy the last box outright as a standalone gift.

MyGeekBox – US and UK

The name is a bit strange, but your gift recipient won’t mind. If they’re the kind of person that will enjoy what MyGeekBox offers, they’ll wear the “geek” label proudly.

What is MyGeekBox?

It’s a Christmas gift subscription for anyone who loves Marvel or DC Comics and graphic novels. Adult memberships are $24.99, and you have to specify the gender and t-shirt size, as at least one should be part of the package.

Other items include collectibles, comics, and pretty much anything in the Fandom world. There’s also a $26.99 version for kids that cover passions like Pokemon.

If you don’t want to do the subscription, the website also has individual items for sale.

Allure Beauty Box – US (with UK Alternative)

Do you have someone in your life that just LOVES product? You know who we’re talking about, anyone who racks up monthly points at Sephora and Ulta. I am one of those people, and I have had an Allure Beauty Box subscription for a few years.

Why do I love it, and why is it a great gift?

1. It arrives monthly
2. Each box includes large samples and even full-size products
3. A handy little pamphlet is also in the package and has great tips and instructions

I’ve received full-sized Tarte and other well-known brands of lipstick, regular-sized eyeliners, new hair products, and even an eye shadow palette with 15 colors.

It’s affordable and fun, and if you’re buying a holiday gift, you can even claim a little free something for yourself! One month is $15. A three-month membership is $39.95, and a full year is $150 and comes with another exclusive add-on.

UK version: While the Allure Beauty Box isn’t currently being offered in the UK, you could opt for Glossybox, which is a comparable service. Glossybox services the UK, US, and other global locations. 

GrandBox – US only

The name GrandBox could pretty much refer to anything. After all, many things can be grand. But this is one is for the grandest of the grand – your grandmother or grandfather.

We included this subscription in our list of gift ideas for Grandma, and it only fits to make it a part of this gift guide as well. It’s unique, personalized, and satisfies the requirement for a thoughtful present for your grandparent. Let’s face it. It can be challenging to buy for parents or grandparents. So, check one off your list!

Not only does GrandBox include food and gift items, but you can send photos and personal messages to be inserted in the package.

If you want to pay monthly and continue the subscription for a while, it’s $33 a month. Three months paid in advance is $94.50, and other plans are also available.

OTL Seat Fillers Membership – US and UK

You may have noticed that you’re on the OTL City Guides for Locals. The local guides are powered by OTL Seat Fillers.

Our small seat filler-free ticket club memberships have been going for over five years now in 15 U.S. cities and London. But we’re hoping that our City Guides will introduce the concept to many more people who love live shows and entertainment, as “seat filler” isn’t typically something you Google unless you live in Los Angeles.

An OTL Gift Membership is available in one to six month periods and with various two and four-seat options. The gift allows your loved one to attend shows and events with at least one guest and never pay for a single ticket. OTL offers music, theatre, comedy, and much more when partners have open seats to fill.

It’s a surprise to see what pops up at least once or twice a month and have the opportunity to reserve tickets that would typically be anywhere from $5 to $100 each.

Gift memberships start at $11.99 (£11.99 for London). But there are a variety of options.

Note: Your gift recipient needs to reside in one of OTL’s current club locations – Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, London, Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Nashville, Orlando, Portland OR, Raleigh-Durham, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, and Tampa Bay.

Gain[z] Box

If you’ve got a fitness buff in your midst, then you’re covered with their gift subscription.

Gain[z] Box is the ideal gift for workout enthusiasts. Each box is comprised of three to six items, and they’ll cover different areas. The package will include a combination of fun stuff like workout apparel, equipment, snacks, supplements, etc.

Each month is $32 but the box will have at least $75 in value. This is another company that offers some non-subscription offers, as well. Holiday boxes range from $25 to $99 and will include a variety of items, so you don’t have to come up with individual ideas, just the basic gist.

UK AlternativeBoxSquared 

More Christmas Gift Subscriptions Coming Soon

The above Christmas gift subscriptions are just part one of our list. We’ll have a second one rolling out soon, as we’re excited to share even more unique online Christmas gift subscriptions with you.

Our Holidays and Gifts section also has other lists that you may appreciate such as gifts for “her,” fashion-related ideas for teen boys, and more.

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