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Nov 16, 2019

Gifts for Grandma 2019 - The Year to Think Outside the Box

When it comes to gifts for Grandma, you may immediately throw up a roadblock and assume that you can't think of anything new.

So, year after year, you may give her a similar sweater or just throw in the towel and settle for a gift card. After all, who doesn't love a good gift card?

Grandma probably will use that little plastic card or paper certificate. But this year, wouldn't it be more fun to have her open a package and be surprised with something that's unique or unexpected?

Whether you're planning well in advance or need a last-minute gift for Grandma, we've got you covered here. The following are our top ten picks for Christmas 2019 or really any time. These work equally as well for birthdays, Mothers Day, or "just because!"




The 2019 Christmas Gift Guide for Grandma (or any special woman in your life!)


We're going to start with one of the most unique subscriptions that we've come across. And, full disclosure, we didn't know about this opportunity until we did some research for this top ten list.

GrandBox has been putting smiles on gift recipients since 2014. The basic premise is that it's a subscription gift program that's personalized with your own photos and notes. So, you'll provide the keepsakes and personal touches, and GrandBox curates custom packages with five full-sized items per shipment. They'll include food items, some luxury health and beauty items like scented soap, and other little gifty-gifts.

You've got a variety of options when it comes to price. So, you should find something regardless of your budget. You can pay month to month and it's $33 per package. Or, if you want to prepay a year, it's $360.00 and that's a gift box per month. 

The GrandBox website has all kinds of information on gift options. But this is a fun one because it's personalized and the gifts can keep on coming!

Tile Mate

We've included these handy dandy little item in our "Inexpensive Tech Gift Guide." It probably won't be the last time that we mention it this holiday season as well, as it's a unique and helpful little gadget that will make Grandma's life easier.

The Tile Mate is a bluetooth tracker. If it's attached to your keys, you can track their location. It can be attached to a wide variety of things, though, even medicine, or health aid items.

One Tile Mate is only $24.99 and you can get a four-pack for $69.99. It's super easy to use as the app will turn into a push button kind of system. A click of the button and, voila, the location of the keys or other item is revealed.

A Day Trip or Experience

Don't immediately discard this Gift for Grandma. A day trip or experience type of offering doesn't have to take you weeks to put together. There are many websites that offer turnkey packages. 

While you could spend quite a bit if you want to go all out, it's not necessary.  A deal site like Groupon has all kinds of trips and experience-types of gift offerings. You could do something like a tour, a class, or even a mystery escape room. These types of activities can be as little as $20 or you could spend a few hundred, depending on how elaborate you want to get.

The Gift of Grandma's Favorite Perfume

Whether she sticks to the classics or loves to try something new, the gift of perfume could be a welcome one. 

If Grandma the special lady in your life doesn't live nearby, you can buy online from a shop like FragranceX and it'll take care of the packing and shipping. We chose this particualr retailer as it offers free shipping and a holiday 15% off discount.

Kindle Reader - with or without Audible

If Grandma is an avid reader, then she may already have one of these. But, if not, it's a good one!

While you could get a standard Amazon Kindle, which is more of a multi-purpose tablet, the reader model is black and white. It's designed to hold and manage a library, as well as be easier on the eyes.

You can buy the Kindle Reader on its own for about $89.99 or add an Audible package to your gift.

Tip: This particular item is on the Amazon payment program. It's not a credit card and doesn't require any special paperwork. Instead, it's an easy process and you can divide up your debit or credit card payments into five months, so you pay $18.00 monthly instead of the $89 all at once.

Stitch Fix

This is another fun one and is an ideal solution if you want to give Grandma the gift of clothing or a new style.

Stitch Fix is a service that provides a personal stylist who puts together clothing items based on your preferences, body shape, and their knowledge on current styles. You're shipped a box of clothes monthly, every two months, three months, or on request. You don't have to keep them. You're only charged for what you keep, so your gift recipient has complete control over how she uses the gift.

You can buy a gift that can be emailed or printed, or if you plan in advance, Stitch Fix will mail a gift card.

The cost? It's up to you! Spend $20, $50, $100, or even $1,000.

Gift of Entertainment

OK, we're bias on this one. After all, the OTL City Guides are powered by OTL Seat Filler-Free Ticket Clubs. We've been running small membership clubs that provide fun "things to do" with the free tickets for which to do them for nearly seven years now. 

If Grandma is in one of our 15 U.S. Cities or London, then an OTL Gift Membership is ideal. You can spend anywhere from 11.99 to 97.50 depending on whether you opt for two or four tickets per show and the duration. 

However, if your gift recipient isn't in an OTL city, there are other options. Seat Fillers like SeatStir and PluginVegas have similar club experiences are in different locations. You could also purchase something like a StubHub Gift Card or a Movie Theater Pass like the one that's offered by Regal Cinemas.

These types of gifts are great, as they last longer and make memories.

Birchbox at Walgreens

If you're not familiar with Birchbox, it's a beauty subscription service.

Birchbox members are shipped a new package monthly and are treated to various health and beauty items (lipstick and other makeup, hair products, etc.). So, Birchbox is suggestion number one as you can gift three months of "Birchboxes" for $50.

But, for a one-shot kind of gift, Birchbox has put together collections of various small-sized beauty products and are selling them through Walgreens, both in-store and online. The Holiday Collection is a limited time gift and it's $35.

Intelex Warmies Slippers

One of Oprah's Favorite Things!

Oprah Winfrey loves them, and your Grandma will love this gift too!

The Intelex Warmies Slippers are only $29 on Amazon. They're soft and fuzzy. On their own, they'd be nice and comfy. But the "warmies" is a giveaway that there's something special about these slippers.

They're filled with dried French Lavender and natural grain and they're microwavable. All she has to do is heat them up and then Grandma's feet are toasty warm and she gets a bit of aromatherapy as well!


The Gift of "Great British Telly"

We know first hand that this gift is a hit! 

If "she" likes good British television like Vera, Father Brown Mysteries, and Agatha Christie, then a year's subscription to BritBox is much more creative than a regular old Visa Gift Card. 

BritBox's gift subscription is $69.99 for one year of all-access. This is also a good last-minute gift. You can buy online and have it emailed within five minutes.

Other Gifts for Her

If you're looking for other gift ideas, we're going to do our best to keep 'em coming all season long.

We have a gift guide already posted for the five different types of women that include the traveler, homebody, foodie, and more.

The Gift of Amazon Prime

best gifts for 2019, best Christmas gifts 2019, gift guide 2019, 2019 gift guideYou may have noticed that we included a few Amazon gifts in the mix.  Our entire family at OTL has been members of the Amazon Prime program for years, and we have definitely reaped the benefit. If you're going to buy even a few items from the giant online seller, you may want to look at a Prime membership. It's $3 for a 30-day Trial. Not too shabby!

TIP: If you're looking to spend less than a year of Amazon Prime, you can also buy a gift of just three months. That's three months of free shipping, movies, and more. It's a great deal. But wrap it up in a nice big box with a pretty bow for more impact!

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