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By Lu, OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers

For more than seven years now, our little family and friend group at OTL Seat Fillers has done our best to quietly share the secret of seat filling. I say “quietly” as the concept only works because of a little rule called “privacy to shows.”

Privacy to shows is a courtesy to our entertainment partners. It means that OTL won’t publicly publicize the names of our shows, events, promoters, venues, etc. The reason for this is that we don’t want to impact regular ticket sales.

But now, the constraints are off with the new OTL City Guides Tickets – city-specific sites with modern ticketing tools.

OTL City Guides Ticket locations

Where Can You Use OTL City Guides Ticketing Tools to Manage Your Event?

OTL City Guides Tickets is a venture between OTL (aka On the List) City Guides & Seat Fillers and ticketing giant, Evvnt.

It’s a free ticket sales portal for sellers large and small. Well, actually, it’s more than one ticket sales portal. We’ve established 10 OTL City Guides Tickets locations so far – each coinciding with OTL’s Preferred seat filling cities.

Ticketing PortalWebsiteGet Started
Atlanta TicketsOTL City Guides Tickets Atlanta Sell Atlanta Tickets 
Austin TicketsOTL City Guides Tickets Austin Sell Austin Tickets 
Boston TicketsOTL City Guides Tickets Boston Sell Boston Tickets 
Chicago TicketsOTL City Guides Tickets Chicago Sell Chicago Tickets 
Denver TicketsOTL City Guides Tickets Denver Sell Denver Tickets 
Orlando TicketsOTL City Guides Tickets Orlando Sell Orlando Tickets 
San Francisco TicketsOTL City Guides Tickets San Francisco Sell San Francisco Tickets 
Seattle TicketsOTL City Guides Tickets Seattle Sell Seattle Tickets 
South Florida TicketsOTL City Guides Tickets South Florida Sell South Florida Tickets 
Tampa Bay TicketsOTL City Guides Tickets Tampa Bay Sell Tampa Bay Tickets 

Instead of keeping everything quiet, as we still do with OTL Seat Fillers, everything is out in the open with these full-featured ticketing portals.

The best part is that it’s quick and easy to get the ball rolling. Oh, and did I mention that it’s free?!

Instead of keeping everything quiet, as we still do with OTL Seat Fillers, everything is out in the open with these full-featured ticketing portals.

The best part is that it’s quick and easy to get the ball rolling. Oh, and did I mention that it’s free?!

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Benefits of the Free Full-Feature Ticketing Tools

When I first learned about the opportunity through Evvnt, I couldn’t believe how well it fits into our win-win philosophy of OTL. Both our entertainment partners and seat filling members benefit from the concept, and the same win-win applies to OTL City Guides Tickets.

Anyone who sells or distributes tickets can quickly build a web page right from the OTL City Guides Tickets dashboard. That gives the event a dedicated URL that can be turned into a QR code for marketing. Plus, the system will kick out website widget code so that every promoter can have an auto-updating list of ticket sales opportunities on their sites as well.

But that’s just the beginning, as these first-rate ticketing tools are fantastic!

  • Text or email tickets
  • Real-time reporting
  • Email blasts to customers (Reminders? Follow-ups?)
  • General admission, reserved seating, free tickets, donation-based opportunities
  • Build your seating chart for reserved seat ticketing
  • Easy to make exchanges or issue refunds

Then, you can even use the Evvnt app to scan tickets at the gate or door on the day of the event!

A Box Office in a Virtual Ticketing Tool Box

You can already see that there are quite a few ticketing tool options. They include both expected and unexpected features. So, you can let your imagination go wild without any financial constraints, as you’re not paying for the service.

The relatively low fees are passed on to the customer just like other ticketing apps. However, OTL City Guides Tickets powered by Evvnt provides you with many more full-service capabilities.

SELL Tickets – It’s Free!

SEND Tickets – It’s Free!

SCAN Tickets – It’s Free!

Why is OTL City Guides Tickets Different from Eventbrite or Brown Paper Tickets?

Aside from the long list of ticketing tools at your disposal, there are a few other things that set OTL City Guides Tickets apart from other event portals.

One City and One City Only

The number one distinction between OTL City Guides Tickets and other ticketing portals like Eventbrite or Brown Paper Tickets is that it’s city-specific.

There are 10 different OTL City Guides Tickets locations, and each is dedicated to one market. So, instead of your customers scrolling through dozens (or hundreds) of cities, they’re going right to local opportunities.

For example, if you’re promoting an event in Miami, you’ll use OTL City Guides Tickets – South Florida. That particular site features ticket opportunities in the greater Miami-Fort Lauderdale area exclusively. You won’t find Boston events tucked away on the same portal. For those, customers will access OTL City Guides Tickets – Boston.

Your Event is YOUR Event

While the local focus is the primary difference, you’ll also find that you can customize your individual ticket sales page more through OTL City Guides Tickets.

You’ve got a lot of wide-open real estate to really do your event justice. And, from there, you can opt to take advantage of other ticketing tools like adding a donation button or sending secret access codes or reminders to your customers.

event marketing ideas

A Few Ideas to Get the Most Out of OTL City Guides Tickets

Once you request a username so that you can set up your ticket sales page (or pages), you’ll also have full access to an entire how-to library, including video instruction.

Combine Ticketing Tools for Super Successful Event Marketing

Setting up your event is an intuitive process, but it’s comforting to know that we won’t leave you hanging. Evvnt has dedicated ticketing support reps who are an email away. And, we’ve got some ideas for you to take your event marketing and ticket sales program to a whole new level.

Dedicated Page and QR Code

Turn your custom URL (aka online ticket sales page) into a QR code with just one click in the Google Chrome search bar.

  • Use the QR code in brochures or other advertising.
  • Add the QR code to signage or flyers so potential customers can scan it and go directly to your ticket sales page.
  • Use the QR code in a poster or sign on-site – it becomes your virtual ticket window. For example, some ticket sellers have posted a large sign at their event entrance. Event-goers scan the code and purchase right from there – no ticket sellers needed. (Also great for social distancing and touchless purchases)

Event Widget for Your Website

Add the Evvnt widget to the sidebar of your main website. It’s ideal for venues or sellers with multiple events as it’ll auto-update for you. You’ll have a list of upcoming events with links to buy tickets. And, it’s one and done!

Scan Tickets On-site

Let’s say that you have a festival with multiple entrances, and you need a quick and easy way to “collect” tickets. If you’re selling online tickets, then there’s no need to go old-school with admission.

All you have to do is have your ticket takers use the free Evvnt app, and they’ll quickly scan attendees’ tickets right from there. Not only is it quick and easy, but it keeps all of your event information in one place – from selling to sending to scanning.

Raising Money with a Free Event

I mentioned that OTL City Guides Tickets has a donation-based ticketing option. It’s perfect for fundraisers.

For example, maybe you’re hosting a night at the museum and don’t want to sell tickets. However, it’s an event for a charity, and you’d like to give patrons an option to contribute. Your OTL City Guides Tickets page will have a donation button added to the free tickets checkout in one flick of a switch.

Perhaps I’ve used “quick and easy” too many times, but you see where I’m coming from now.

OTL City Guides Tickets – your free “Box Office in a Virtual Box” chock filled with cutting-edge ticketing tools!

Getting Started with OTL City Guides Tickets and Ticketing Tools

Whether you’re planning a fundraiser, you have a theatre troupe and rent various venues, or you need festival tickets, you’re now covered!

All you need is a login to get started. So, just head to our “sell tickets” page on OTL City Guides and email us your name, organization, and email. We’ll put you into the system and send you your password-protected access.

From there, you can have your new ticketing page up in just a few minutes – and it’s guaranteed to look fabulous and provide you with everything you need for a successful event!